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  1. radicalwood

    Axminster ccts10 wireing

    Hi guys I does anyone have a wireing diagram for the switch of this saw. Took it apart but lost the paper with the wire info on :(. Looks like the idea carbon brushes have gone but thought it was the switch. Cheers Neil
  2. radicalwood

    bar skittles

    Hi all, I have been asked to make a bar skittles game, I dont seem to be able to find any plans :oops: do any of you have some or any links to sites where I can get some. cheers Neil.
  3. radicalwood

    NU TOOL Thickness planer

    HI All, I have been given one of the above :) but it seems to have a 0.6mm taper across its width :? . I have removed the stainless plate from the bottom and am using the machined surface below it as the deck. have adjusted the infeed and out feed guide roller and but it still seems to taper...
  4. radicalwood

    a few bits for Christmas

    Hi Guys, dont generally do much turning but I have been having a go at a few bits for Christmas. The lathe is an old Harrison Jubilee. well here goes. tea lights ear ring stand ginger jars larges 85 dia 150 tall mortar and pestle 150 x 120 block 120 high dish 10dia x 55 deep
  5. radicalwood

    jewellery chest of draws

    its been quite a while since I posted anything on the site, I finished this last night. carcase, back and draw fronts are Ash, draw side and runners are Beach. sixe 16" x 10" 10" finish is a gell (the name escapes me). Not many work in progesss shots sorry. thanks for looking Neil dry...
  6. radicalwood

    wood identification help bigger pics added

    Hi All, can anyone give me a guess as to what wood this is? We have parts shipped in from india and I get the pallets to strip down :D main colour is yellow and grain is very wild on most of the planks. next week they maybe a different wood look of the draw as to what come in but all...
  7. radicalwood

    oak in a bathroom

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering what finish you would recommend for an oak top that will support a sink in a bathroom, would you just oil it, varnish, patina etc. do you think its a good wood for the purpose? cheers Neil
  8. radicalwood

    wooden workshops

    Hi All. Thought I would post a like to a good company for anyone who wants to buy a workshop. I bought a timber double garage from them, they delivered and erected it in one day. Have had it 7 years and it still looks like new. and the prices are still very good, have a look at the link below...
  9. radicalwood

    harision manual required

    hi guys dose anyone have a manual for a Harrison union jubilee lathe, or instructions to remove the headstock spindle. Think the bearings are on the way out. :cry: cheers Neil
  10. radicalwood

    liability insurance

    Hi All, not sure this is the right place but here goes. Have bee looking at getting a stall at the local hospital to sell some bits, they require me to get public liability insurance. Dose anybody have this for things like craft shows, and any general ball park figures on the cost. If its too...
  11. radicalwood

    earring stand

    Hi All. Made this last night, not done much turning before (about 10-15 hours). Your comments would be welcome. all the wood is Ash out of the scrap box. Cheers Neil
  12. radicalwood

    FREE 3D CAD a good one.

    Hi All, Just thought that this maybe of some interest to people who want to design using 3D. Its a package that I use at work, but has a restriction that assemblies can only contain 60 Parts. Not good for machine design but great for the woodworker :lol: . We have 30 designers using the full...
  13. radicalwood

    Ply suppliers in Birmingham

    Hi All, I am looking for a ply supplier in birmingham, that will cut the boards so I can get them into my estate. need 2 sheets of 3/4 birch ply Does anyone know who or where. cheers Neil
  14. radicalwood

    pocket holes for doors??

    Hi all, I am currently making 2 built in units from mainly Ash. I have done the face frames and used pocket screws to join it together. One of the units is just cupboards. the doors are to be Ash frames with removable painted Mdf panels rabbited in from the rear. The question is would you do...
  15. radicalwood

    face frame question

    Hi All, I am currently building 2 built in units from Ash. The question is the face frames are 60" long and I don't have any clamps long enough to clamp the ends on. There are 2 verticals to make door dividers along the length which will be dowled or biscuit jointed together. If I do these...
  16. radicalwood

    3 jaw chuck

    Hi all, I am looking for a 3 jaw chuck for my graduate lathe the thread is 1" x 10 tpi. has anyone got any links to where I might find one, not sure if they are available or not. Want to have a go at some small boxes. Cheers Neil
  17. radicalwood

    quick Christmas present

    Hi All, Just made a few of these in different woods to go with bottles for presents for a few people. Bottle counterbalances the wood. good for the ones you forget :oops: to buy for. All the best Neil
  18. radicalwood

    first turnings

    Hi All, As with Alf this is all Trev's fault. After meeting Trev at the Auctions several times he convinced me to get a lathe. So I found some cash and bought an old harrison. Up till last week I have not had time to turn it on, trouble is now don't seem to be able to turn it off :D . thought I...
  19. radicalwood

    Ash side tables

    Hi All, Thought I better post a picture of these side tables I started earlier this year, never got round to putting the finished pictures on :oops: . Wood is ash with a black walnut stripe, mortise and tenon jointed and top fastened on with buttons. finish is patina. All the best Neil
  20. radicalwood

    Black wood dye

    Hi All, Quick question really, I want to stain a piece of wood black, if I then glue it to another block will it stick and also if it dose not line up exactly how do I redye it if I have to plane it. :oops: Wood is to be used as bread board ends. Cheers Neil