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  1. AndyBell

    Scheppach HA1000 - Filters

    Hi All, Recently picked up a used Scheppach HA1000 for some of our tools, just wondering where the best place is to get filters (papers and main) from if anyone knows anywhere. Thanks, Andy.
  2. AndyBell

    Project Plans

    Hi, Just wondering where people are getting their plans from, looking to start a few new projects for craft wouldn't mind a bit of inspiration! Thanks, Andy.
  3. AndyBell

    New thickness planer tripping electrics

    Hi all, First post apart from my new member intro. My father and I have been making things for the last year or so and have decided to invest in a thickness planer, unfortunately we've opted for a bit of an unknown brand (Vevor) and have run into an issue with it. As soon as it's switched...
  4. AndyBell

    New to woodwork and based in Leeds.

    Hi all. Just saying hi as my father and I have both started making bits and bobs and plan on branching out. Hopefully pick up some good advice and help on here. Looks like a great forum. All the best. Andy