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    Paint for concrete blocks

    I am currently building a workshop with concrete blocks. On completion I intend to paint the internal walls white to help brighten the workspace. Has anyone had success with plain old interior emulsion paint on concrete blocks? The walls are cavity block work and will be externally rendered...
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    Flaky sandstone workshop wall remedy

    Not a "wood" question, however it does concern my future woodworking. Before I set up shop I want to address the walls in my garage workshop. The internal walls are constructed from sandstone and lime mortar, some of which is becoming a little flaky and beginning to crumble in places. The...
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    Stringing sizing tool?

    I bought this little tool a few weeks ago, I believe it to be a tool for the final sizing of stringing or inlay? I am thinking the tool is held in the left hand and clamped to a baton or rail for stability. The adjustable side plates/cutters are then adjusted to the desired gap, then the...
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    Pad saws - a useful modern tool or not?

    I have over the past several years collected and been given some vintage Pad saws. Presently I have around 6 or so. I do not use them on a daily or even on a regular basis, just wondered if people are still using them? The other day I decided to sharpen the blades on a couple. ( I have two with...
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    Lie Nielsen 073 Large shoulder plane. New boxed SOLD

    Lie Nielsen 073 Large shoulder plane. New unused and boxed. Mint condition. £200. Free shipping if payment made by PayPal gift or bank transfer. Happy to answer any questions regards the plane. David. I have several photographs of the plane to view. Unfortunately I cannot resize the images any...
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    Things haven't changed that much in 80 years

    The link below is to an old Laurel & Hardy movie. In the movie "Busy Bodies" the calamitious duo start work at a wood mill. In the opening scenes some "real" footage highlights men working on machines very recognisable today. Just thought it may interest some? I wonder how much the Firkin full...
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    Private messages

    As a matter of ineterest. Now the site has been rejigged. When sending a PM to a forum member, does the query and ultimate response go to the individuals private email address? I ask as the email address I set up with is no longer accessible. David
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    Scroll saw motor 3 phase to single phase??

    meddings-scroll-saw-serial-jsb-07240-t111299.html I hope I have added the appropriate link? Basically I bought a Meddings Scroll saw (photos in the link) with a 3phase motor. The plate shows 220v and 380 - 440. Can the motor be reconfigured to run on 230v supply? And if so, will the original...
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    Meddings scroll saw serial #JSB 07240

    Recently I bought a Meddings scroll saw. Although in very good condition there are a couple of small parts missing. I have contacted Meddings in the hope they still stock spare parts for this machine. However the phone number given dials out it does not connect. Does anyone know if they are...
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    I have a couple of small repair/restoration jobs to complete and was wondering what you consider to be the best stains/ dyes? By that I mean water based or spirit based? Does the type of existing finish dictate what to use, although the final top coat will resemble the existing finish where...
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    Disston 6 PPI refurb .......with some extras

    Here is another saw I recently brought back from near death. It is a Disston 6 PPI crosscut saw with a 26" plate. Although in a rough state the plate was good and straight with little pitting. The handle on the other hand had seen some heavy wear. I never really like the " block" shape of the...
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    Stanley 45 set up for profiling woes! - help!!

    I am repairing an old carpenters tool chest, whereby parts of the lower back panel, both lower side panels and their attached skirting boards were rotted out. I suspect due to sitting on a damp floor for years. In the photo below you can see the repair to the bottom of the chest and the patch...
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    Spear & Jackson tenon saw refurb

    The "modern" Spear & Jackson tenon saws could never be described as pleasing to the eye nor the hand. So, After many years promising myself to make a new handle for the old S&P I bought for 20p at a boot sale around 15 years ago I finally got around to making at least part of the promise to...
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    Posting pics

    Before I launch the iPad through the window, can anyone remind me how to post photographs onto this forum from photobucket please. Thanks David
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    Re-shaping and filing cross cut teeth on a panel saw

    So, I am part way through renovating an old Disston 26" panel saw 6tpi, filed for cross cuts, which belonged to my late grandfather. Since his death over 40 years ago it has been somewhat neglected, albeit in comfortable dry conditions. And despite being in good all round condition the old boy...
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    Oh how we laughed!

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    The big thaw and rust

    Despite having an insulated and dry workshop and keeping my cast iron tools waxed and well oiled I noticed while pottering around last Saturday most of my cast iron tools were 'sweating' from I can only assume the abrupt temperature change. I was initially a little concerned but as I have had my...
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    Hackney Tools

    I came across this web site while perusing. Thought it may be of interest (if not already known) David
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    Stanley 750 series chisels - worth it?

    Perhaps another example where someone believes their 'treasured' chisels are worth more than they are? ... 100005.m18 David
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    Refurb 2 no dovetail/back saws

    Further to the re-toothing of a tenon saw I refurbished and posted yesterday I also refurbished a couple of small dovetail saws. They didn't require so much work as the tenon saw, although you may still find the post interesting? I certainly learned a few things while undertaking the task. The...