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    my outlook express not working the last 20 hours

    devonwoody JUST DROPED YOU AN EMAIL TEST LETTER throught my yahoo mail account Travis
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    Jons workshop (pictures...!)

    Hi Jon Thanks for sharing--It looks very nice and well thought out. I'm sure that it will provide many hours of enjoyment. Nice touch putting the beautiful young lady in foto. :D Travis
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    sign of the times

    Not enough money for petro for auto-------but still enough for big Mac and fries :D Travis
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    Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong. Jack had to...
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    Best meal ever....

    Hey again Rob Reporting in as ordered. Breakfast is over and the dishes washed. Included in breakfast was 2 'steam fried eggs'. Following your directions, the outcome was outstanding or as I have heard some of you say----it worked a treat. :D Thanks for your recipe. Travis
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    Best meal ever....

    Thanks Rob My wife said we will try that method tomorrow. :D :D Travis
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    Best meal ever....

    Hey Rob It appears I am misssing somethig in my life. You said "two steam fried eggs" The question is: How to steam fry eggs? Your help is required. :D :D Travis
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    This may old hat to most of you, but maybe someone can get some good from it. Travis
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    10 cube beech, €450. & how do you light yours?

    Hi Andy I have been using a wood stove in the shop for the last 12 years. My method of liting is a little differant. 2 or 3 sheets of newspaper on bottom with 2 or 3 pieces of cardboard, then small wood (cut offs,etc) and finally regular fire wood on top and then add firewood as needed. I have...
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    Oh yes he is!!.......

    .......but since he made the jet out of MDF, it was to heavy to get off the ground so he.........
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    Tiles on tiles - advice wanted.

    MR If it was mine----I would take a belt sander and try to scatch the surface of the old tile to get a better bond. Good luck with the job. Travis
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    Something Old but approciate I think Travis
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    I have been thinking about upgrading my vehicle, but it runs sooo quiet :D What do you think?
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    May the fleas of a thousand camels have a field day in your armpits :twisted: :D
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    Pics as promised

    Hi Mailee Its looks very nice. I think any computer (and computer user) would be pleased to sit at it. :) Travis
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    Maybe a help to some

    I knew some of the followings, but not all of them. If, like me, you are not so computer knowledgable, they may be of help to you. :D Here's a few other useful shortcuts: CTRL + C - Copy items to clipboard CTRL + V - Paste items from clipboard CTRL + X - Cut and copy items to clipboard...
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    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

    Whatever you do, just don't lay down on the job. :D :D
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    Three Silos

    Hi Tony I think the boxes (box) are pleasing to the eye. (At least to my eyes) :D Alan wrote Come on Alan, don't beat around the bush--Lt us know what you really think. :D :D :D Elvis is now leaving the building.
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    sliding door question

    Hi Andriy Is this what you are taking about? If not, then I am out of ideas. :oops: Travis
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    This time in Australia last year

    Photos are always better when shared. :D :D Thanks for sharing.