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  1. J

    Bandsaw set up advice

    Does anyone have the definitive answer with regards to correct Bandsaw set-up? Most manuals state that the blades should slightly overhang the tyres while others state that to have the saw running correctly, the wheels must be in 'co-planer' meaning they should be straight and parallel with each...
  2. J

    drum sander help!

    Hello, Can anyone help? I have a 37inch drum sander, same machine as the Axminster 373S MK2 and need to know if anyone has the manual or what the technique is for fitting the belts. It has two clips supplied for belt changing but I can't work out what they are supposed to do. Any help is...
  3. J

    pot belly stove help.

    Good evening, can anyone help me and tell me if there is any foil tape that is really heat resistant. I have fitted a stove and need to seal a couple of joints in the stainless flue and wanted to know if anyone knows of any such tape? The flue gets way too hot to touch so the tape needs to be...
  4. J

    wood veneering.

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on the best method of adhesion for veneering? I have done loads of laminating with formica's and I use a sprayable contact adhesive for that. I was going to go the same route for the veneer but wonder wether to use the iron on hot melt sheets...
  5. J

    Unisaw for sale.

    Hi everyone, I thought I would offer fellow woodworkers on the forum a chance to buy my saw before going on ebay. I have a grand edition Delta Unisaw shipped from the U.S. and professionaly fitted with a 50hz marathon motor for use over here. The saw is totally immaculate, like new and fitted...
  6. J

    bandsaw electrics help

    Hello, I have just ordered a new bandsaw from Axminster and while waiting for it to be delivered, I am going to get the wiring run for it . My question is, the bandsaw is the SBW 5300 three phase model and I want to know if anyone knows how many wires are in the cable you plug it in with? Does...
  7. J

    Porter Cable router help needed.

    Hi, i've just bought a PC router off ebay. It's a 'D' handle router and is fitted with a three pin standard 240v plug but the cable is the American wires, (black-positive, white-neutral, and a green earth). The seller can't tell me if the router was from the U.S. or a C.E. model. I don't want to...
  8. J

    Carhartt bib and brace.

    Hello, i'm trying to find a supplier of Carhartt workwear. Rutlands have some bib and braces that I want but don't have the the big enough size. Can anyone offer any help? cheers, jonathan.
  9. J

    Looking for router cutter set.

    Hello, Can anyone point me to a supplier of a matched set of profile scribe router cutters that will do stock thickness of around 40mm instead of the common 18-22mm sets? cheers, jonathan.
  10. J

    1/2 inch collet help.

    Does anyone know of a cheap supplier of router collets? I'm wanting a 1/2 inch collet and nut for my Bosch gof 2000 CE. thanks, jon.
  11. J

    Woodford machinery.

    Hello, I collected one of the cast iron router tables from woodford today and have to say that the table is superb. Twice the machine of the Ryobi RT6000 and the Record power one and at half the cost. Roy at Woodford is a true gent and made it clear that if I wasn't happy with anything or the...
  12. J

    woodford router table

    Hello, I'm buying a cast iron router table from Woodford tommorrow and wanted to ask if anyone has got one and if it's any good? cheers, jonathan.
  13. J

    Spray guns.

    Hello, after buying or wasting my money on so called professional spray guns by makers like Draper and sealey, I've decided to spend a little more on something of a much higher quality and got a brand new Binks suction feed high pressure gun from Ebay and just wanted to ask if anyone had any...
  14. J

    Bosch GOF 2000 CE router

    Hello, I've just aquired a Bosch GOF2000CE router and want to ask if anyone has one of these and how good it is. What are it's good and bad points and how they compare to the other more popular half inch routers. cheers, jon.
  15. J

    Calling all UK Unisaw owners!!!

    Hello, does anyone over here have a Delta unisaw? If so please, please, please tell me if it's a 60hz motor and have you had any trouble with the overload cutting out the saw after 5mins or so of running? Also, can you tell me what the tiny amperage dial inside the starter is set on. Thanks to...
  16. J

    Induction motor problem (help wanted)

    Hello, I have a Delta tablesaw with a three horse motor and recently, the overload protection is cutting off the motor. The manual say's it could be down to too much strain on the blade or a low voltage supply. I don't see any of these as being the reason. Does anyone have any ideas? cheers...
  17. J

    FOR SALE-HTC tablesaw outfeed roller table/Delta mobile base

    Hello, I have for sale a HTC table saw outfeed roller table and a genuine Delta tablesaw mobile base. The outfeed table is bolted to the back of your saw and gives you a roller table support of 4x4 feet. The table folds neatly away when not needed to give more workshop space, perfect for cutting...
  18. J

    posting pictures.

    Hello, I have a photo downloaded on the computer but dont know how to post it on here. Does anyone have any easy answers? jonathan
  19. J

    16 amp help wanted!!

    After the recent sale of a Jet supersaw, I had both the space and spare cash burning a hole so when the opportunity of a Delta Unisaw for a good price arose, I couldn't refuse it but the problem is I can run the saw with a 13 amp plug on it but the fuse blows after a couple of minutes. I know...
  20. J

    Self adhesive tape measure

    Hello, Can anyone point me in the right direction for a supplier of self adhesive measuring scale. I'm wanting a left to right reading one, about 3/4inch wide and the main thing a metal one. I can get one from the states but wanted to know if a supplier of these is over here first. cheers...