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    building within a metre of boundary

    hi all.. if i build in the corner of my garden within a metre of 2 boundaries and use metal cladding on those 2 sides of the building but wooden cladding on the other 2 sides (my building will be rectangle) will this satifisfy building regs as regards the non combustible materials requirements...
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    open cladding on workshop walls

    hi all.. if i go with mikeg's way of building my workshop but want to use some kind of open cladding instead of the feather edge boards.. do i need to put some kind of membrane immediately behind this cladding? thanks.
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    minimum pitch for roof?

    hi all i have some rosemary roof tiles id like to use for my workshop roof. however my workshop will be subject to usual max overall height of 2.5 metres so id like to keep the pitch of the roof to the absolute minimum to maximise the height of the eaves. can anybody help with what the minimum...
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    Workshop from scaffold boards..

    hi everybody.. im new to the forum. im about to build myself a workshop but on a fairly tight budget. i have a quantity of paving slabs already and can source scaffold boards pretty cheap. my initial idea is to lay an approx base of 13ft x 10ft using the slabs. this would form the floor of my...