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    Unknown Cramps/Clamps

    Morning all, I've inhereted a pile of tools following my grandfather downsizing, and there are a couple of odd cramp like devices that look to be for some specific purpose - problem is I'm not sure what the purpose is! Does anyone recognise these or know what they are for? Some of them only...
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    Help me understand this joint

    Evening all, I came across this desk some time ago and it's stuck in my mind. I'm thinking for my next project I might make a table along similar lines. I really like the exposed dovetails on the corner, but I just can't work out the mechanics of it.
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    Looking to try some metal work - aluminium trays

    Hi Chaps, Some time ago I came across a little wall cabinet with some fairly simple looking aluminium (I believe) drawers. It seemed to be cut and folded sheet metal with perhaps spot welding/soldering to join the seams. I took a few pictures (attached) and stored the memory away. I'm now...
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    Do I need a No. 5 Jack Plane?

    This is something I keep coming back to (usually when looking for an excuse to buy new tools). In the way of bench planes I've currently got Nos. 3, 4, 6 and 7 - the No.4 is a older (green) Clifton, and the No.6 is a beautiful Record which I dated as being from the mid-30s (if I remember...
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    Any idea what these were? Mystery furniture bits.

    Hi Chaps, I've been having a bit of a sort out and uncovered these 'ends' from some mystery bit of furniture. I obtained them a little while ago whist helping a retired carpenter clear out his workshop. He'd kept all sorts of odds and ends - wardrobe doors, drawer fronts etc - of which I...
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    A Froe - right tool for the job?

    I've got a largeish chunk of Laburnum which has been lying in my parents garden for too long now (at least three years). The core of the tree did have some sort of rot - a sort of mossy type stuff filling cracks on the inside, but I figured I might be able to get a few lengths of usable wood...
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    Old tool exhibition in Kendal?

    First of all apologies if this is the wrong place for this sort of question but I thought it might be the type of thing that would be on the radar of fellow hand tool enthusiasts. A friend of mine was recently in Kendal where a friend told her about an exhibition being set up with a load of...
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    Replacement Irons for Wooden Planes

    I've been struggling with a back-iron on one of my wooden planes, somewhere in it's life it's picked up a skew so that one side is over 1/16 in. further back from the blade edge than the other, and it tends to pinch shavings and clog. My current efforts (though my lack of experience and courage...
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    A hand-tool tool chest

    I thought the hand-tool enthusiasts here might enjoy seeing my recently finished tool chest. It's mostly built using Chris Schwarz's article on the Dutch style tool chest in Popular Woodworking magazine, though I did deviate (or improvise) in some of the details. It's reasonably...
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    Help re. Woden 187 saw vice

    I've got a couple of saws that need sharpening and decided to treat myself to a proper saw vice to replace the scraps of wood I've been using until now, so I ordered a second-hand Woden 187 online. When it arrived I was surprised to find it has a gap when closed - I was expecting a slightly...
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    Safety mask for general woodworking/finishing chemicals etc.

    In the past I've always just worn a simple dust mask whenever I use chemicals/substances etc. that I'm not familiar with but as I'm starting to use a wider range of chemicals for finishing or restoration more frequently I'm starting to think I need to be a bit more careful about what I'm...
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    Files for Wood?

    Over the past few months I've been assembling a kit of tools loosely based on the recommended tool lists provided in a couple of old Charles H. Hayward books. One of the items I'm struggling to find are files specifically for working wood, to take out coarse marks left by a rasps etc...
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    Steel vs Oak - tool storage.

    In an attempt to protect my dovetail saw's blade I've just finished building a wooden blade guard, copying the design from another saw that was passed down to me (pictured with the new one below). However, no sooner had I finished the wooden guard, and was admiring it in the dim light of the...
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    Where might I find hinges like this in the UK?

    I'm currently building a Dutch Tool Chest following a guide in Popular Woodworking Magazine which recommends using these 'unequal strap hinges' from Lee Valley for the lid: ... 41262&ap=1 (Option D) I've had a look around online and can't find any similar...
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    Can oil paint be used over a water-based primer?

    I'm currently getting ready to paint a tool chest and I've got a tin of red oil paint for the final colour coat. I chose an oil paint as a the traditional option suitable for a chest of traditional hand tools. For a primer I ordered some oil-based primer online which arrived today but...
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    Will Stanley 50 parts fit a Record 050 Combination Plane?

    I've got a Record 050 combination plane which is missing a few bits and pieces. Some of what I need I can find online for the Stanley equivalent plane, the No.50, is there a chance these will fit the Record? The main thing I'm lacking is the shaving deflector but to complete the set I also need...
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    White Oak Box - 'Neader' built

    After spending over a year on it I've finally finished my first 'proper' woodworking project. I was fortunate to have the guidance of my Grandpa who used to build his own furniture, worked as a college crafts teacher and did letter-cutting on the side to keep me on the straight and narrow. I...
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    Where can I get a dovetail saw sharpened?

    I've gradually been restoring a lot of old hand tools that used to belong to my Grandpa, with the aim of setting up a versatile tool-chests worth of tools. When it comes to saws, however, I have one 22tpi Disston dovetail saw that I can't get sawing nicely. I did try sharpening it after...