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    Help wanted please.

    My grandson has been overenthusiastic screwing the cap back on his Jr. Gent pen and has stripped the thread in the cap. I don`t seem able to get any spares. So any help will be very much appreciated, thanks.
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    Gold paint

    I have done some carving which needs to be painted with gold paint, so I would like some advice on things like what undercoat do I use, and will I need to give the carvings a coat of clear varnish when finished. All help will be much appreciated, thanks. Frank S.
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    Jet Bandsaw

    Today I picked up a Jet bandsaw JWBS 120S. Very heavy, cast iron body and table. It has been laying, ignored and unloved in a damp shed for about 16 years,so it is in a bit of a state,to say the least. Fortunately, the motor still runs. There is some rust, and the tyres have perished.Have looked...
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    Smelly wood

    I am doing a job for a mate, using the timber he supplied, tulip wood.I`ve not used much in the past and in cutting it on the band saw I get the smell of smoked mackerel. Is this usual for tulip wood? I know some timbers have various smells associated with them, but fish?? Frank.
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    My wife gets a bit stressed on occasions. When this happens I make up nonsense rhymes to make her laugh, here are two of my latest; A young cannibal girl from Dundee Had a most beautiful knee When asked, why the one? She said just ask my mum She cooked it and had it for tea. There was a young...
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    Thank You Marcros

    macros, thank you for the pen tubes they arrived a 1/2 hour ago.Just the job, I shall post a pic of the finished pen.Thanks again and let me know if I can be of help to you sometime. Frank S.
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    Help with pen,please.

    I have totally mashed the tubes for a Jr. Gent pen and cannot find anywhere to get replacements. Can anyone help, please ? Frank.
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    FM help wanted

    Being an old git I am stuck in a musical time warp of the 1950/60 era. Now that the AM frequency has been turned off in the Bath/Bristol area I can`t get Smooth on the car radio,so, can anybody please tell me the FM frequency for Smooth in this area ? Frank S.
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    What`s going on ??

    What the hell has happened here ? Who is this Taxpo and why is he flooding the site with junk? Come on Mods sort it out We want our forum back !! Highly Hacked Off, Frank S
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    A little beauty !

    I picked up this little beauty at the weekend. The body is brass faced ebony, the shaft I think is gunmetal with brass end caps.The moveable point is on a fine screw thread running through the shaft to give a micro adjustment. The one let down is there is no makers name on the gauge, so can...
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    Help wanted with earring stand.

    My beloved granddaughter wants a stand that opens like a book with the earrings held on straight bars. I can fiddle with a design and learn by my mistakes,but time is short as I would like to do this for her birthday.So, does anybody have a plan for one of these, please ? All help will be...
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    What can I do with these??

    Yesterday at the bowls club, I was given four wooden bowls. Now, apart from the usual mallet, what else can I make with them ? Answers on a five pound note please. Frank S.
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    Having seen the wife off to her craft club,I thought I would have some shed-time. Everything is set up and ready.Take air shield from bag and move it toward face,and there in the face piece is a bl**dy great spider!! Normally, I would shriek like a girl and throw the item as far from me as...
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    Looking Back

    While I was cooking the Christmas dinner, I thought back to the first time I did the job about 30 years ago. In the early hours of Christmas morning, my wife went down with gastro enteritis, I was all for cancelling Christmas but the two boys,who were still living at home, had invited their girl...
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    Merry Christmas

    It is that time of the year to wish everybody MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. and thanks to all who gave help and advice during this year. Frank S.
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    Merry Christmas

    Morning all, yesterday I cleaned everything down,swept up and made the workshop ship shape. Today, open up email and find this; Hello favorite granddad, can you please make me a band saw box for Christmas ? By the way, I shall be down to see you on Saturday,love, etc. So how do you say no to...
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    Another pen.

    AS my beloved half-inched my Elm burr pen, I had another rummage in the odds box,and came up with a piece of Zebrano.Here`s the result. This pen making is getting addictive. :D :shock: :D Mod edit JPG version CHJ Frank
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    Pen in Burr Elm.

    I found this piece in the odds box(everybody has one), it looked a bit short for a pen,but with some thought and careful drilling, I managed it. Two pieces of black acrylic were added and a nice piece of burr Elm was saved from hitting the bin.The LOML has ditched the old plastic Bic pen and now...
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    Inlay pen kits

    To the pen makers. I have a laser cut pen inlay kit from Timberbits,and at $20 a pop I want to get it right first time,so, has anybody got any tips for putting this kit together,please. I was very impressed by their service,only ten days from order to delivery,and that included the Easter...
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    Mini-router lathe

    Some time ago, there was a type of mini-router lathe on the market for decorating pens and small spindles.It had a series of gears and cams to alter the design, and a Dremel powered the cutter. Can anybody give me a link, or perhaps have one for sale ?Thanks. Frank S.