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    My Doctor has told me I have C.D.O.......Well, he wrote O.C.D.on the notes but I rearranged the letters into alphabetical order........AS THEY SHOULD BE!!! :lol: :lol: Cracks me up that does.
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    oooh, not good!!

    Hi all, report from sick bay. I felt a bit flu like on Sunday aft. so I went to bed........till better so mrs. s calls my work. 'old ratbag here's got man flu so won'be in'. She's such a sympathetic soul. O.K. so now its Wednesday, feeling more like it so I'll go to work...
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    craft fayre

    Hi all, Just a note to say Mrs. Sliver did her very first craft fayre today :D . She didn't do too badly considering how quiet it was as none of the stall holders 'made a killing'. She has been invited to do the East Coast this year as a result. Mrs. Sliver does the east coast...
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    Happy New Year

    Well folks, it's that time again. We wish all of you all the very best for 2009 & beyond!! Have a ball everyone. Sliver & Mrs. Sliver. :D :D :D :D
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    Long time, no post

    It's o.k. guys n gals, I'm still alive!! :lol: :) I just got into the engineering side of the workshop to repair everything that Mrs. Sliver breaks. :roll: I have recently been doing creative stuff but not as good as 'er indoors. Some of you may be aware that a life long friend of mine is...
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    Dog run

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help me with a problem our neighbour is having. They have two dogs, a mother & daughter. The younger dog is Houdini reincarnated. The owners have arranged for a man to biuld a run for them, but he seems to be dragging his feet a little. My idea is to try to...
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    A bit of advice, 'chuck'

    Hi all, Hope you all enjoyed the festivities. Now, I have a Draper WTL12 lathe. I have turned a few items, but nothing I am really pleased with. I would like some advice please as to what chuck would fit it as I don't want the usual marks from the current set up. I have looked at a few...
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    it's chriiiiiiistmaaaas!!

    All off to bed now or Santa won't call with all the shiney things. Night night.
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    Good morning all. Did you all remember to alter your clocks last night? If not, don't worry, you're an hour early, so relax & have a cuppa. :lol:
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    criminal responsiblity

    Hi gang, I know I've just posted a lighthearted thread on 'senior moments' (Is it me?). this one is more serious, bearing in mind what happened to Dave with his workshop break in & what the disgusting PIGS did. My quetion is.....What laws would you make/change to bring these...
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    Is it JUST me???

    Hello all, Just a question to find out something about myself really. If you read my last two posts on Dave G's workshop break-in thread you'll see I got into a right old mix-up with me facts trying to reply to Roger Sinden's questions. Do any of you lot suffer 'gaps' in your memory...
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    That time again

    Happy new year to one & all. sliver & family. :D :D :D
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    Weather concern

    Just a question, I heard a news bulletin today & it sounds very grim with the hurricane in america. All I want to know is, are our american friends on this site all o.k? Please let us know as I'm sure fellow members will be equally worried.
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    Just saying Hello.

    Hi all, I'm Sliver from West Yorkshire, UK. Just want to say hello to you all & tell you I'm a woodworking novice in comparison to what I've seen of some of the projects placed on this site. However, I do hope I can learn from you all. 8)