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    how to square boards on a router table?

    thanks guys, I will look into this all some more before attempting anything, safety is the priority :) At the moment I only have a bosch router table setup, it's really a site table, it comes with a glass fibre? split fence, so no chance of really doing too much with attachments on that but it...
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    how to square boards on a router table?

    Pete, I have a shooting board, I have no problem with being able to do it by hand :-) And eric yep, I'm trying to get the opposing surfaces parallel. If not a planer thicknesser then a jig sounds like the way forwards.
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    Glue through a syringe

    ebay do good deals on syringe needles, I purchased some recently for experiments with applying solder paste, they're generally in the range of a couple of quid for 10.
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    how to square boards on a router table?

    lets say I have cut a piece of wood, 2ft long 4inches wide, and 3/4" thick, I want to straighten and square the 3/4" edge that was left a bit out by my wonky sawing. :)
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    how to square boards on a router table?

    I'm glad I asked, it's all food for thought. I expected to use the rt for some other work and thought it might just save some time, people seem to do it and whilst they edge a board, there's nothing about it squaring the board at the same time. I can see how it might work with the out feed...
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    how to square boards on a router table?

    Hi, I'm not trying to flatten a board across the wide face, I'm trying to square a board down an edge. So yeah, just looking for a method if it's possible, marcros seems to be closest to the mark, that's pretty much what I'd envisioned. I don't mind using a plane but if there's a quicker...
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    how to square boards on a router table?

    Steve, that's why I'm asking, I have hand planes, just thought it might be possible on an RT, as it's possible to use a router for edge trimming in the first place.
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    how to square boards on a router table?

    Hi Guys, is it possible to square up a length of wood using a router table? I know you can flatten an edge using an offset split fence but will that straighten it up? If not, how would you go about doing it? Flat piece of wood clamped/stuck with double sided tape to act as a guide and a...
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    Oh dear, spot the deliberate mistake

    Nope, Paul Sellers uses plate too, the purpose is to show the method, it's up to the user to know when they're within their limits :-)
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    Pillar Drill or Drill Stand

    I don't see why you can't make up a simple jig on a table using one of the cheap drill presses. ... cr_pr_pb_t take a flat piece of wood, put prepare 2 sides on it that are deep enough to take your wood underneath attach one side but leave the other...
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    How sturdy are pocket hole joints

    the rutlands jig is mostly reasonable I think, ok, the height adjustment is something they could've done but it's something I can adapt myself and won't cost me £40 either. it's also possible to take the jig apart so that you get a single drill guide, which can obviously be place and clamped to...
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    Mattress Positioner Height Thingy

    do they have to be holes drilled right through? or would stopping just shy of the outside edge help your woes? on the other hand, you could make some decorations to hide the holes, rabbits, flowers or whatever suits the baby,cut from small pieces of ply or carved, with the dowel plugs attached...
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    How sturdy are pocket hole joints

    I bought the one from rutlands that was £30 reduced from £70 ... -kit+DKPHG It's not quite as good as I expected but I can see how to improve it to make it (almost) as good as anything else, it looks a bit like the trend jig but the trend jig is slightly...
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    Workshop heating

    Erm, isn't IR light a pretty poor choice? Very bad for the eyes long term, not great for the skin either?
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    newbie to site and woodwork

    Get a square, learn how to do your marking out with a square, a knife and a chisel, I use a sharp craft knife to mark the lines, then use a chisel from the waste side to take make a groove upto the knife mark, this will leave you with a nice straight edge for your saw to follow making it much...
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    Chopping out pine

    get it as close as you dare with the saw cuts, watch the way the grain is going and judge it from there to take out the bulk, don't belt it, just hit the chisel relatively gently and see where it goes, once you've got an idea of where the grain will take it, you can take out bigger bits, if you...
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    looking for advice on a router table.

    It's a mitre T-slot, so it's sunk into the table, and usually used for mitre guides like a normal mitre slot but has the added bonus of the added 't' where I can add locking stops etc. I've seen plenty of setups and jigs using the mitre slot, the idea being that I can use the normal left to...
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    looking for advice on a router table.

    Hi Guys, I've finally almost finished my bench, so now I'm looking at the router table to do next, the router table that I have was donated to me by my Father and was part of a shopsmith 5 setup, a nice thick lump of something laminated top/sides with a mitre slot cut along it's width. The...
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    Dumb question. What tool makes these wood shavings?

    find someone with a jack plane and a length of wood :-) Try your local chippy, furniture restorer/maker, a mate etc.
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    broken switch, needing rewiring sequence please

    Be careful with that capacitor and wiring it up, if you get the connections around the wrong way it could go bang. Did you try emailing dewalt about the wiring? That would be my first port of call, one connection from the cap will go to positive the other will go to negative, it's probably...