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    Fixing Hitachi C9U/2

    Am just looking at a C9U and C9U2 circular saw on my floor. The rotor burnt out on the U2 and it looks like a straight swop for the motor housing from the U (which has a bust base unit/blade housing). Anything to look out for? Any reason why the 4 year old U2 didn't last as long as the 20+...
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    Invoicing software

    Anyone use invoicing software which is very easy to use by an silly person and that will work on an old mac and iPhone 4?
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    Most used abrasive

    What's your most used grit size for abrasives? I've a Mirka Ceros 150mm thingy and a Festool Rotex 90 wotsit. Admittedly mostly used on paintwork followed by bare wood. I've found that 120 grit is my do-it-all grade and 40 and 320 is hardly ever used. In fact I tend to find 120 is just right...
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    International Woodskin

    I believe International Woodskin is popular in the yachting fraternity. I recently used this on an oak door and found that although it seemed to go on reasonably smoothly and well, when dry it seemed to "pool" a bit in some areas and wasn't totally even. It's quite thick, so I'm thinking that...
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    PVA discolouring oak

    For whatever reason I've usually wiped fresh PVA off joints with a damp cloth. I've found with Blue Evostick that this causes a reaction that blackens the oak. Has anyone else noticed this, what should I do instead?
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    Cutting groove with rebate cutter on router.

    Is there any reason not to gut a groove across the end grain in oak with a bearing guided rebate cutter? I was thinking of adjusting depth of cut by going down the bearing sizes. Hand-held, not in table.
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    Music/Tools interface

    Currently musing philosophically here. Just wondering if anyone has got to the point where they have all the "records" (other recording mediums are available) they need? In the same vein, has anyone now got all the tools they need? It brings to mind a comment I heard years ago where someone...
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    King posts, tension or compression

    Looking at a lot of king post trusses of a certain age or older, they are often "strapped round" with a blacksmith made strap which looks like it's designed to stop the post lifting/separating from the cross beam. So it's to stop tension in the king post from separating from where it's...
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    And another thing.........

    Why oh why oh b***** why are 110v sockets a tighter than interference fit with the b***** sockets? Either I'm the weakest man on earth or someone's not telling us about the KY Jelly for 110v sockets. I don't think it's me cause I've more or less pulled the power take off off my shop vac and...
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    B****y Letterboxes

    I have cut and fitted another letterbox today and on the whole hope never to do this again. The main problem is that who-ever designs the flipping' things has obviously never fitted one and any suggestion that a jig-saw should be used should be thrown in the same place that any suggestion a jig...
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    Screw Removers, any good?

    I can't find anything under search, but I'm sure I remember someone talking about this. Are screw removers any good, such as the Trend Grab it; I'm going to need to take up some decking, as non-destructively as possible and strangely enough the screw...
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    Traditional Japanese house building

    I've just been watching this; Houses first 8 mins or so, other stuff after. Fascinating, what seems additionally interesting is that I don't think the Japanese ever used angled/triangulated bracing, which may have been due to allowing the buildings...
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    Findable pencils

    After all the discussions I have settled on Staedtler red pencils. The biggest problem is that they disappear. I have lost the same pencil up to 20 times in a day and more than 5 different pencils in a day. Unfortunately my ears are not capable of retaining a pencil which I think exacerbates...
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    Van recommendations

    Due to too much time on my hands at the moment I am thinking through all those purchasing decisions I need to make over the next year or so. Over the past few days I've really noticed that I either have too many tools or not enough van. This came to a head yesterday when it took me 15 minutes...
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    Saw Tec sharpening services Eastleigh, Hampshire. Review

    I know it's not a tool review but I can't see a better place to review a service. I've just been to Saw Tec in Eastleigh regarding an issue with two circular saw blades I'd had sharpened recently. I just cannot praise the service I've now had highly enough. The original sharpening was very...
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    I know it's the right thing to do, but not feeling happy.

    Okay, it's a bit of a long winded moan, but this has stressed me out. I started a loft conversion job last Monday, helping out a friend, like me who's not been in the trade too long. I hadn't any information before so just started some clearing up, fetching a scaffolding tower etc. I got the...
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    resharpened circular saw blades seem wrong.

    I also posted this on the Mafell forum. I've recently had my 12 teeth Mafell blades sharpened (rip blades). At the time I thought they looked wrong but the chappie said "I've been doing this 30 years and that's right'. I thought they looked at too much of an angle and should be much squarer...
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    Seasoned Oak in Hampshire, West Sussex.

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of seasoned oak in the Hampshire West Sussex area. Looking for good seasoned oak 4"x4" for porch construction. Cheers Ross
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    Did someone else start a thread about indicators on cars a while back? I need to cross two junctions to go anywhere and on the whole I just can't see the indicators working on the front of cars these days. making leaving home a fairly hazardous experience A few years ago indicators were...
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    Posidrive Camming out

    Is it me or is there another reason why posidrive screws seem to "cam out" more often these days. I seem to feel that posidrive screws seemed to be more tolerant of the driver being "off-square" in the past whereas these days they chew up a lot more often. I'm talking about using power tools...