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    Is this plane for real?

    Hi everyone, i was just wondering if this "Bronze Stanley" was authentic. It's the first one I've seen or heard of (I'm certainly no expert); only the blade appears to have a Stanley mark, so that got me wondering if it the rest was authentic. ...
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    Veneer question

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing some veneering for a humidor and I ran into trouble when I bookmatched two pieces for the top: the joint between the two pieces of veneer looked fine (it was tight) when I glued up and when I took off the clamps, but several hours later it opened up, so there's now a very...
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    Plane blade storage solutions

    Hi everyone, I posted this on Wood Central but I thought I'd ask my wise friends from across the pond what they use to store their plane blades. I dropped a blade edge-down on a mechanics vise (again...) as I was getting out my crappy leather pouch; it's high-time I came up with something...
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    Hi everyone, I finally got a few gauges done. The first two are standard marking gauges, made from bubinga with a tung oil finish. I made the blades from a hand scraper that I cut up. The locking mechanism is a wedged dowel, Jeff Gorman's idea, it holds the beam in place really tight and it's a...
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    Small Record Power lathes

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking about buying a small lathe for turning drawer handles, knobs, tool handles, corner mouldings and the like, and I saw a few Record Power lathes that look quite interesting, especially the price (just over 100 pounds). However, I know nothing about the quality of...
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    How do you store your rasps and files?

    Hi everyone, As I accumulate more and more rasps and files (no, no Aurious just yet... :wink: ), I'm starting to feel the need for a storage solution. I've tried various tool rolls but they are all unsatisfactory because they allow contact between the tools. So I was wondering what you people do...
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    Quick review: LV Dowel Cutter

    I don't know if this is available in the UK, but I did a little review of the new LV dowel cutter on another site, which you can see here: ... pic&t=3602 Since it's in French I'll stick a translated version here in case any of you were wondering how this...
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    Delicate balance

    In an effort to reestablish the delicate balance of planes in the world, I just bought this Stanley 50 from a seller in England. I'm so happy! I just saw Roy Underhill for the first time a few weeks ago and was amazed; I have since decided to use more hand tools, more often! I guess you guys...
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    Marking gauge question

    Hi Everyone, I posted this message on Wood Central, but I really wanted your viewpoint on my marking gauge question. Everyone knows that you Brits made the nicest gauges, even though I didn't say that in my original post... 8) So, I'm about to make some marking gauges and I have my design...
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    Plane storage/racks

    A discussion about plane racks was started in another thread so I decided to be a good boy and post a new topic. I'm always interested in seeing other people's plane storage solutions. My own racks are just shelves, so I thought I'd post a cabinet-style rack that a friend of mine made. The text...
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    A Question about Ian's infill article

    A question for Ian Dalziel or anyone else that can fill me in: has the article on building the Shepherd jointer appeared in GWW yet? I will be starting a build binge soon and want to collect all the resources I can. I checked out the GWW web site, or web page, or ad, and have no clue as to...
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    Bugbear bowsaw

    Hi everyone, 2 years after starting I finally finished my bowsaw. It's made of cherry and maple. The handles are boxwood from Lee Valley. The finish is shellac and wax. A fun and easy project, and a new tool to boot! The only electrons I burned were with a drill press, to drill the holes for the...
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    Look what I won!

    Hi everyone, here's a summary of the latest Quebec planing championships, complete with pics: Enjoy the read (it's a little long...) Frank
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    Boy am I stupid

    sometimes. I'm making the countertop for my vanity out of birch ply, and I want it 1" thick. So I thought I'd throw together a few pieces of ply with some yellow glue and just sit on them till they held. So here I am laying face down spread out on the plywood realizing this isn't going to work...
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    Gloat: Lie-Nielsen cabinetmaker's dovetail chisel

    Hi everyone, I just got an amazing chisel, one of a kind. I don't want to steal bandwidth for a pic so I'll just post a link so you can all have a look! Cheers, Frank D.
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    Used TS blades

    Hi Everyone, There was a thread on this in the General Woodworking section but I didn't really get an answer to my questions so I thought I'd post it here. I have a bunch of used TS blades and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of steel the bodies of blades are generally made with, and...