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    Desperatly seeking Lime!

    I have spent the last week, and much phone credit, looking for some Lime. I have also emailed about five online suppliers with little result. Two got back asking about quantity and have not replied since. Can anyone recomend a suplier of lime who would do a small order, par and deliver. Pref...
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    Mirror frame construction

    I am planning to make a couple of large mirror frames. I have made some in the past but was unhappy about a couple of things. I would be very grateful if anyone would share their own ideas or experience. Especialy anyone with knowlage of traditional methods and materials. I like to use...
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    Hello from N Yorks

    Hello. I am returning to woodcarving after quite a break. I used to be a self employed woodcarver but due to health issues I have hardly done any for 15 or so years. Current unemployment has encouraged me to get the tools out again. I may not be able to do a full days work in oak like I used...