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    Wooden Plane Restoration

    My father in law who is a retired pattern maker has kindly given me his collection of wooden planes. Unfortunately since he retired over 20 years ago his tools have sadly been neglected, he had stored these planes in his green house. I intend to try and restore these back to working condition...
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    Spot the deliberate mistake

    :) Could be worth something in a few years :)
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    Are link belts known to be noisy?

    I have just replaced the bearings in my union jubilee lathe as I was starting to notice a slight wobble on the spindle. I followed the instructions given by parvum in the thread Anyway, the bearing change was successful and cured...
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    Is it too cold for a finish?

    Hi Folks, I think I may have just made a huge mistake! yesterday I began applying Rustins Plastic Coating to a cabinet that I have been building. I know that this stuff doesn't work very well in low temperatures so I kept my oil filled radiator on all day to keep the workshop warm. However...
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    Push-to-Open catch with blum hinges

    Could anyone help with me a little dilema. I bought some basic blum hinges for use on some inset cabinet doors. I was hoping to use some 'Push to Open' catches on the doors as the customer doesn't want...
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    Slatted Shower Mat

    Hi All, EDIT: I've moved this from the design forum as I think it is more of a general question. I have been asked by some friends to make a slatted shower mat, the type which is placed outside the shower. I've googled around a bit for ideas but can't seem find anything. What they've asked...
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    What to do with wet oak?

    Hi All, I've just been offered an oak tree that has just been felled, apparently the tree was 35ft high so I'm guessing there must be some good pieces to be had. Could someone please give me some advice about what I should do with all this wood, (the first person that says 'send it to me' gets...
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    Should I wait?

    Hi Folks I am turning a bowl from purpleheart at the moment. I know that purpleheart turns brownish when cut and then turns back to purple with exposure, does anyone know if applying a finish straight after turning will stop the wood from returning back to purple, or should i wait for the wood...
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    Tricky door knobs

    Hi All, I've just hung 4 new hardwood doors this weekend, now I need to add the knobs and catches but I'm having some trouble with fastening the knobs to the doors. The knobs are brass ones from wickes, the problems I am having are as follows. 1. The 3 screw holes for attaching the knob to...
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    Making a hook tool

    Hi all, I've been looking to buy a hollowing tool and I came across this article for making you own hook tool. Are any of you familiar with this or has anyone actually tried to make one. I'd be interested to know the pro's and con's of this...
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    Practice Wood!

    Hi all, Hopefully I'm going to be getting my new lathe tonight, (union jubilee which i'm buying off a neighbour), and I'm itching to start turning something. I have fair collection of diffent exotic blanks, but I would prefer to get some practice in before using any of the good stuff. What...
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    Purple Heart

    Hello all, This is my first posting on your fine forum. I bought some purple heart this weekend, a couple of 2x2 lengths about 2 foot long. I had no real plan in mind when I bought it I just liked the look of it. It's 50% white and 50% purple and looks stunning. I've been thinking maybe a...