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    Lets talk about Jeans

    artie...look up Duluth Trading, in USA..perhaps their product will be of use
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    Tide marks on shellac finish

    I used shellac over BLO, with nary a problem. But, I used rattle can spray, which is de-waxed, or it would not spray. After the shellac, came wax.
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    Don't throw out these old wiper blades!

    My father was a master at carpentry, he could build anything. One tip from him was to use a bit of steel wool. Roll it up and insert. Maybe try that , if you do not have a matchstick/skewer. Also, sadly. I did not get the master part of carpentry tho. :(
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    Time to pack it all in....

    good fortune to you Z... be the best at your new endeavor
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    Bandsaw dust extraction that actually works - 85% efficient!

    well done M....on both subjects ;)
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    The Wheel of Time at Last Begins to Turn

    Way happy for you, Droogs. (y)
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    Kitchen dresser

    make a thin oak floor
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    I have experienced forums since 1990

    Another BBC rant thread....this is getting rather tasty.;)
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    Wadkin RS restoration

    looking good
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    Genuine skill on display here - repairing a wood coach wheel

    Yep..been watching since he did the borax wagons. A national treasure.
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    Boating for fun

    BOAT is spelled..break out another thousand
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    A wooden bicycle that a lot. How does it ride? Seems that the wood tubes would be very good at vibration dampening. Is it?
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    Is this the beginning of senility?

    Is it Tuesday yet?
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    Have I gone over the top?

    branches on only one side of the trunk,eh?
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    Felder PCS/sawstop video

    Jacob.. you may know what works for do NOT know what works for someone else. You are old, and set in your ways, but your ways will be lost soon. Just so you and all others here know, I too am old (probably older than you), and set in my ways. Quit bitching about the way others do, and...
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    My mate Billy

    Heartfelt condolences, Bob. Having had to do the same, multiple times, I know your pain. bill
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    Gold Mallet/Milk bottle Mallet

    A confetti mallet...nice job sir.
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    Same old, same old, new video

    In todays hi-tech world, it seems that such a simple tool, workshop made, can be so useful. I will make a few, when I return to the shop. Thank you,Steve.