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    Why cant i get neat joints

    Hi, I think you’re getting confused between setting the blades into the block, and actually planing material off. AND...the blades won’t be sharp straight from being ground, they need a light rub with a fine oilstone. Firstly the ground bevel....THEN the flat side..ABSOLUTELY FLAT! The same as a...
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    Donating tools

    Perhaps you could donate to Help for Heroes. This is for ex servicemen, who are retired from the Army, especially with mental health issues.They are taken on a Woodworking Course for several weeks then....encouraged to branch out on their own. The problem of course is setting this up with no...
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    Identify my 🪵

    No idea! We need a photo to see the colour when cut. Don’t forget to seal the cut ends with paint, PVE, or wax so it dries SLOWLY! OR cut it in half length’ll then be able to see the colour and grain.
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    How to cut brass discs with woodworking tools

    My Startrite Bandsaw happily cuts metal BUT... I can slow the speed right down, and use a metal cutting blade, 14+ TPI. The biggest danger is the bar tries to roll in towards the blade to start with, resulting in a powerful SNATCH, and again when you have nearly cut through. The solution is to...
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    Adding locked switches to machinary

    I’m in the process of having my 4th Workshop wiring installed for light and power (single phase only). I was a School and College Technician for over 20yrs and each Workshop had its own big Master Switch, to control the power to all the machines, leaving the lights and mains sockets on. In...
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    Are they glaziers tools for cutting out old putty
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    Planer/thicknesser/jointer confusion!

    You should ALWAYS start by getting the face, and face edge flat, and true, without any twist, then the thicknesser, to get the finished dimensions, parallel to both. If you just plane each face independently each surface will be flat but NOT parallel, it will be all over the place and almost...
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    How do you identify wood?

    Firstly, whatever it is it’s always long as it’s not metal or plastic. Seriously..... look at the general colour, and the grain pattern. Is it very pale/darker. If it’s very pale...pine, ash, holly. Yellowish, Brown, shades of red, very dark, i.e ebony, even greenish, teak? Is it...
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    Tool offers / rent

    Woodbee2 - Message 2 - The Workshop Space details are;- Space2Make, Buckhurst Workshop, Bells Yew Green, Tun’ Wells, Kent, TN3 9BP. 01892 335100. [email protected]
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    Tool offers / rent

    Woodbee 2 - There is a Workshop just South of Tun’ Wells...not been in there, but they rent out Bench Space by the Hour. Will find out more details..
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    Tool offers / rent

    Woodman 2 - Excellent idea...and you learn skills from other people....! 10” dimension saw, Bandsaw, spindle, Lathe, 3/4” Morticer, 10” planer/thicknesser, model engineering Lathe, etc. Advice as well. ONLY I USE THE MACHINES! Happy to help out.....Nr Tunbridge Wells
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    Training Request - ME8 area

    If I can help I will....I could visit by arrangement. Robert Crowborough 01892 601200 07704 601200 Cabinet Maker/Wood Machinist/C&G Qualified
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    Morning everyone

    Hi, Welcome friend. I was fortunate to follow my career to become a Cabinet Maker. 5yr apprenticeship, and evening classes to get C&G qualifications gaining a Licentiateship after 7yrs! Always buy the best tools you can afford...second hand tools are often better than new, and only use when...
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    Lighting- workshop

    Excellent and comprehensive article. Thanks for info. Very relevant, as I’m having new lights in my rented Workshop. As I’ve got older decent lighting is an absolute must...and heating in the winter!
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    Where have all the bandsaws gone?

    Today I’ve been offered an Axminster 12” bandsaw on stand. It’s sound but very dusty, and the table has surface rust, as it’s been in an unused shed for 4yrs after the previous owner died. I’m in Kent, get in touch if interested. Beeman.