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    Makes you think

    Found this posted on another forum (I know, I was shocked too) ... ese-wolves Makes you wonder what else we could undo
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    One for the tool tarts

    Took a picture of this for your enjoyment while onsite recently
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    Fight night

    BIG fight in my house the other night (hammer) Little fella on top - after nearly an hour, he had that big house fella trussed up and delivered the final blow - quite a scrap and much better than the trash on telly at the time Little fella's not so little at the moment :-)
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    Interesting joint

    Blagged a rather nice table on FreeCycle which has an interesting (to me) method used on the m&t joints so thought I'd share a couple of images for your comments This is the joint where the rails meet the legs, see if you can see the method used that I personally have never come across - not...
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    I wanted to share these with you

    Not the best pictures and not strictly woodwork but, some woodwork was and still is involved in replacing floorboards - I really just had to show you some of the images from my bathroom :-)
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    Help with a bit of a dilemma

    Evening chaps and chapesses I am in an old house with old walls whose plaster is mainly held on with wallpaper As my chimney breast is particularly manky, I decided to have a bit of a nose - see below for resulting slight damage when giving a loose bit of plasterboard a tug Ok, so now I am...
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    Definitely not Mahogany !

    Evening all Been given some wood today - removed from a doorframe and was given it as Mahogany First sight told me it wasn't but had to wait till tonight to clean some up Straight after grot removal with the belt sander - And after a little planning - Sawdust is yellowish which made me...
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    Plasterboard fixings

    Just seen a video on youhoo tube and saw snap toggles for the first time - has anyone tried these things and are they any good Here's some on 'tbay - ... 1008593424
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    Evening all This place I've just moved into needs a full rewire imho but I don't know any tradesmen any more Can anyone recommend a decent person or company - I am in Leeds, LS12 to be more precise I have had one quote so far and while the proposed 10 days seems way over the top, I have no...
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    Surprisingly, my house doesn't have a thermostat and unsurprisingly, it costs a fortune to run the central heating - over £3 a day to run 4 rads and some hot water So, I want to add one ! Manual for the boiler states it must be volt free which to me, means no feed to it, just a connection to...
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    Don't want to be a plumber any more

    Well and truly hacked off I've spent pretty much all afternoon with a blocked toilet :twisted: - as in, well and truly blocked !! Here's how it went, step 1 - toilet - "ooh look, it's blocked" says I Step 2 - grab a bucket and try the old favourite - no dice Step 3 - long springy, twizzly...
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    Heating up a cellar

    With my new plumbing skills (ahem) I want to use these to warm up and dry my cellar so I can store my timber loveliness down there I already have clear access to the pipes going to the living room radiator so adding a couple in the cellar should be straightforward - I would be using plastic...
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    Reflecting radiator heat

    I'm about to replace one of my radiators and remembered you can get tin foil type material to stick behind them to reflect heat away from the wall and back into the room you are trying to heat Two products for example are ... -88m/88629 and...
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    Radiator advice

    Hello chaps - I seem to remember my last watery question ending in tears, but here goes anyway I have a radiator which leaks when in contraction from one of the knuckles ? at the top What I mean is, when the heating is on, the joint obviously expands but when its off, the joint shrinks again...
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    Door bolt recommendation

    Evening all I am looking for something like this - ... rass/71747 - to secure a bathroom door while in use - door is just one of those hollow cardboard filed jobbys so I hope that spreading any force along its length would stop the screws from getting...
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    Face mask for mould

    Heyup chaps and chapesses I've just been reading the Dust Masks and other protection thread and realised I need to ask a similar question but didn't want to hijack I need to clear out a cellar that's been left for some time and after poking around in there yesterday, I could definitely...
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    I'm back and have yet another daft question

    Though this may not be as daft as previous questions Looking in a roof void today and found the following - I will admit to a gentle prodding (nothing too vigorous in case any spores, tigers etc came out) and it was soft and crispy so hopefully dried up Anyone know what this is ?
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    Blagged what was offered as '6 wooden planks' yesterday - each one is a single board at 74" x 8 1/2" and exactly 3/4" In time, I think this will make some great drawers for tool storage :-)
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    Another of my daft questions

    Good afternoon chaps and chapesses To cut a long story short, I will very shortly be parting from swmbo - now known as swcggf (I'll let you work it out) I'm not looking for sympathy unless there's whisky involved :-) but have been looking at renting and due to finances, even sharing for the...
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    Need help purging central heating

    Bl**dy plumbers, who'd have em ? :wink: Had a new boiler fitted which hasn't gone so well - 2 bad leaks (mini floods into living room) but now, after 5 return visits, everything's dry but we are no longer getting heating on the ground floor Upstairs is fine, radiators are nice and hot but...