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    It's been a while!

    Hi All, Just thought I would drop by and say hello. When I work out how to post images I'll do it :-) Mick
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    Back on the boards

    Hi All, For those who remember me I just thought I would pop in and wish you a Happy New Year! I'm looking for a new chuck, or possibly a new lathe, so I popped in to trawl the threads. Good to see you are still here and knocking out some great pieces. Cheers, Mick
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    I might need a new lathe?

    Hi All, I need some advice please. My current lathe is an ageing Myford that I inherited from dear old Dad (circa 85?). Its great but the motor sits directly to the left of the headstock. This means that if I want to rotate to turn big stuff and bowls I need about 24" clearance behind the...
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    Project for the missus?

    Hi All, As some may remember I'm not much more than a begginer myself and have learned a lot from some of the old sweats on here :-) Despite this I'm trying to teach the wife how to turn now (keep the giggling down at the back!). With a roughing gouge she managed to get a decent cylinder out of...
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    BIG logs

    If your band saw cant cope with bigger bits of "tree" that you manage to scrounge then what is the best way to cut it up? Hand sawing is a real pain in the bicep! I just wondered if anyone had found a better "miracle" solution?
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    Barley Twists

    Has anyone ever turned "barley twists"? I have a clock at home that my Dad made some years ago. It sits on two ebony barley twist legs and it bugs me that I dont know how he did it. I know he mentioned something about "doing it by hand" but I cant imagine how? Come on you guys, I know one of...
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    Template Maker

    Check out this site. Using a simple cross section plotter you can see your design appear in a 2d model! Quite cute really? ... isweb.html
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    Dinghy Plans

    I'm looking for a set of simple plans to make a ply dinghy. Anyone know where I can get them for less than the 50 quid that I managed to turn up on my own? All I want it for is sheltered water with an electric outboard so just the little jobs without sails would be ideal :lol: Thanks all, in...
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    Chickens teeth and rocking horse poo....

    ...have a lot in common with spalted beech right now! What has happened to this years "crop"?
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    Who are you?

    I met Houtslager this week and he was really thrown when I turned up in a suit and tie, spoke cockney nonsense and "pulled up a sandbag and swung the lamp" for a while. He didn’t know what to expect because I had “not done much on the profile”. We thought a thread about "who you are and what...
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    I admit it, I'm an exhibitionist!

    Hi All, Last week I was asked by a friend of mine, who is an upcoming artist, if I could "fill the corners" of her next gallery exhibit in an Amsterdam park (Amstelpark). Of course I was delighted to help out and so was given the first opportunity to exhibit my work. Not only was I flattered by...
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    Brass/Gold powder

    Hi all, I've seen this mentioned in the "Gallery" and elsewhere to fill gaps or give effect. I've never seen this "to buy" and would like to give it a go. Can anyone point me to a mail order (internet) retailer? Cheers, Mick
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    Happy New Year all

    I was feeling a little sentimental (as happens this time of year) and thought I would wish you all a very happy New Year!!! Many of you have helped me to get to grips with these tools Dad left me and I could not be more grateful! I am now a member of the Dutch turners club, have had two...
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    What's in your stocking?

    So people, what will Santa bring you?
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    Contact Lenses (warning)

    Hi all, I've just spent the last three days in "some discomfort" after taking a small chunk out of my cornea on Monday whilst sitting in my sanitary, air conditioned, office. I have had various examinations, eye drops and a very uncomfortable eye patch but am lucky to have no permanent damage...
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    Do you like my mushroom?

    Made from Elm Burr over the weekend. My wife likes it so I guess that is good enough?
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    Selbix Chuck Advice

    Hi All, I've not been around for a while but I'm back at the lathe once more! At the moment I am using a Selbix chuck for most of my work and have found it to be generally very good. I'm now looking for a set of extendable jaws (for gripping "finished work") but cant seem to find any. You...
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    Deer Antlers!

    Hi All, A friend of mine has a small holding up North and breeds deer. Every year he ends up with a pile of antlers which the deer shed naturally. He has given me a pair and asked me to mount them and I am stuck to be honest. Has anyone done anything like this before and could you give me some...
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    Stiles and Bates

    Hi All, Just thought I would say a word about the good people at Stiles and Bates (in Thanet) who I managed to visit recently. Not only were the two Mikes really helpful and friendly but the advice was sound, the coffee was good and the tour I was given really excellent (If you do read these...
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    Hollowing Tools

    Hi all, Its been a while since I've been on but as I had this weekend free I'll be in the shed again! I do need some advice as usual though and know one of you can help! I bought myself a truly good piece of kit recently and it now needs sharpening. The problem is I'm having to do it a bit "by...