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    SIP spindle moulder, alot of kit...

    SIP have made industrial compressors for many years. They started making small compressors for home use 6-7 years ago. I bought my small compressor primarily because it has a double outlet as standard. Soon after they started with small woodworking machines and have increased the range over the...
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    Fox Sliding Compound Saw

    Hello billyboy99 Welcome to the forum You cannot raise the saw any higher than it is but to lower the blade you hold down the botton on top of the handle and at the same time lift the lever on the right of the handle. Both of these lock the saw in the up position. I suggest that you try it with...
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    Router bits for 42 pence each...!

    The most usefull set of cheap cutters I bought was a 50 piece boxed set from the Price Crash shopping channel. These contain 4 or 5 sizes of the same shapes, radii etc plus a few shapes that may be needed once in a blue moon but would cost as much bought singly as the full set. The only other...
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    Router bits for 42 pence each...!

    These are not so much on 'sale' but a regular item stocked every few months. I bought the 12 piece router set for £4.99 over 2 years ago. When I first saw them in Aldi they were in the shop for over a month with few sold because Aldi did not stock a router until the following month by which time...
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    i'm giving up metric

    Which is why one of the Nasa Mars shots failed. The calculations had been done in Europe using kilometres and the Nasa mathematicians who worked on the rest used miles.
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    i'm giving up metric

    I always thought it was 25.4mm lol
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    i'm giving up metric

    There is a misconception about metric that has resulted the UK using the wrong base measurements. We were told that metric was decimalm in the same way that we were told that the new money (since 1971) was decimal. Strange, I always thought that decimal = 10 as the base. Money is in units of 100...
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    Lasers on power tools

    The 1st mitre saw I had with a laser was a B&Q (nutool) one. To start it aligned perfectly with the left side of the blade then somehow moved to the right hand side. It was adjustable but was at the furthest left possible. My current mitresaw has a laser but it has no adjustment and is along the...
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    Band Saw Vs Table Saw

    Each has it's own uses that the other wont do. A table saw is the workhorse of any workshop and is likely to be used on everything you make. A bandsaw can saw curves and at rightangles when sawing tenons which a table saw cant. While some use bandsaws a lot others, like me, seldom use one. As...
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    The Salvager on H+L

    They probably got Boyz in the Wood because Craig Philips is dyslexic and said he would do it for 1,000P instead of £1,000 lmao His 'oppo' Rod Butler knows much more about woodwork than the big brother winner.
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    Wanting to "warm up cabinet"

    bulbs aren't made to be used as heaters??? The best bedwarmer I ever saw was a small light bulb in a metal dish shaped the same at the top and bottom approx 15" dia. It was much better than a hotwater bottle. In the 60s office blocks that left the lights on 24/7 had lower heating costs than...
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    The Salvager on H+L

    Wouldn't you with a face like that? :lol: :lol: :twisted:
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    I wish I lived in America

    A friend of mine in the States has a 60'x 40' garage. That's 3 times the area of my house. Oh for such a garage workshop (it's insulated and heated too)
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    hello with a kity 419 question

    I sent an email to the new Kity site asking if they sold their tenon jigs as they are not shown on the site.
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    hello with a kity 419 question

    A mobile base does not reduce the weight of the cast iron tables which are much too heavy for me to lift to put the saw together since a major accident 3 years ago. 6 operations later and my shoulders will never be like they were in the past. Now I am limited to what I am capable of lifting as...
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    Forum Users Router Cutters

    Most start out with a boxed set of cutters. I have bought a few sets over the years but always find some cutters that seldom get used. I have bought individual cutters from Screwfix and the Tornado when on offer at Rutlands recently. For cutters that may only be used very occasionally you cant...
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    cobalt drill bits

    The cobalt drill set sold on shopping channels is also sold at Mica stores if you have one near you. Approx £30 for an 8 piece set including a 14mm long series. p&p is always a pain. I have bought tools from TV shopping channels for years and never been disappointed. My Perles 1/4" router was...
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    hello with a kity 419 question

    When it comes to machining different bars it's what I miss most about being a retired toolmaker. No access to the vertical mills I spent most of my working life on. Before Kity went into liquidation 3 years ago they had a Kity tenon jig for sale on their website. When Rutlands stopped stocking...
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    hello with a kity 419 question

    So it's a T slot? The total depth of 5mm is much too little. If it was deeper is might be worth milling the T out and widening it to 19.05 mm (3/4")
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    hello with a kity 419 question

    I had always presumed the Kity 419 had a standard mitr slot. A Kity 419 plus the Dakota tennoning jig were next on my shopping list. Just as well I didnt buy the Dakota jig when it was on the weekly offer at Rutlands It now looks as if I will have to change my ideas about them. The small table...