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    sign of the times

    Not enough money for petro for auto-------but still enough for big Mac and fries :D Travis
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    This may old hat to most of you, but maybe someone can get some good from it. Travis
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    Something Old but approciate I think Travis
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    Maybe a help to some

    I knew some of the followings, but not all of them. If, like me, you are not so computer knowledgable, they may be of help to you. :D Here's a few other useful shortcuts: CTRL + C - Copy items to clipboard CTRL + V - Paste items from clipboard CTRL + X - Cut and copy items to clipboard...
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    Hello All I know that you don't have any taxes in the UK--------- :D But look at the good old USA. Tax Tax his cow, tax his goat; Tax his pants, tax his coat. Tax his crop, tax his work; Tax his ties, tax his shirt. Tax his chew, tax his smoke; Teach him taxing is no joke. Tax his tractor...
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    Hi All Has photobucket stop letting me direct to my pics. Maybe its the IE 7.0 that I just installed. End results is that I can't put image in thread but can put the link in the thread and it will lead to photo. Has the forum changed? Help this country boy!!! Travis PS I have posted a lot of...
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    wood nightmare

    Do you ever have a time when you rub yours eyes and still can't believe what you are seeing? How would someone cut this up? Just thought you might enjoy---- Travis---heading out the back door!!
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    just checking

    I havn't been over the pond in a while and thought I 'look' around to see what is going on. Everything looks good. Carry on. Travis
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    BBC Program

    Hi Folks I live in Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA and I read this in our local news Paper today. I found it interesting and thought you may also. Travis
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    Points to Ponder

    I bet you can see your self in here somewhere. :D The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail. If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably don't have any sense at all...
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    Help me decide

    Hello Everyone Was Bubba and Earl from Tennessee or Oklahoma ? Travis-- :twisted: :twisted:
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    fuel guage

    This the new fuel guage for small autos in the US. Larger autos will be adjusted accordingly. (Pic snitched from another forum.) Pic was made before the last 5 increases. 8) Travis
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    Clip board

    Hello All I would like to have a clipboard that holds more than one item. I use windows XP and it has only room for 1 cut and paste at at time. Am I looking for something that has not been invented? If there is one out "there" some where, could you point me in the right direction. Travis
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    Past Mistake

    Hello all I guess this is the correct forum (Mistakes?) I tried to make some dovetails today and they didn't line up like I anticipated. What did I do wrong? Newbie wants to know. All comments are welcome. :evil: Maybe I had better stick to what I know :D Travis
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    speaking of pictures

    This is a pic taken inside Yellowstone National Park in Wymoning. If you get a chance to take the trip, I think it will be worth your time and money. :D Travis
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    Woodworker Mail Box

    What do you think? Is there any doubt what he likes to do? Travis
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    What kind of plane

    Hello All I have been wanting to buy a new plane What do you recomend for the following project? Travis :twisted:
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    Fuel in the UK

    Hey everybody I would like to know the prices of fuel in the UK. Thats gasoline and diesel. Since the price of a barrel has been going up, so has the gas pump price. I think you pay quite a bit more than we do already, but would like to know for sure. This question is open to Japan and Europe...
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    Pet lovers

    I thought some of you pet lovers might enjoy. Travis :D
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    Well Well I finally got a pic to post and it only took 4 different photo hosting sites to get it done. I guess it pays to keep on keeping on. :D Maybe I can post something significent sometime :D Travis