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    Help me decide on a panel saw

    Hello all. I have recently acquired a fairly large farm unit with 3 phase power, so it's time to step up my furniture making business and buy a sliding table panel saw. I'm looking to get a quality used machine and have around 4.5k to spend. I am hoping one of you lot might have some...
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    Kity 609 combination saw/spindle moulder

    I have the chance to buy one of these machines and I was wondering if anyone has used one and can give any feedback to the quality. It certainly looks a good machine, but my knowledge of table saws and spindle moulders is fairly limited. Thanks!
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    Cabinet Lighting Advice

    Hello all. I am looking for some advice on installing downlighters in a built in shelving unit I am building. This is the design - The shelving will comprise of 5 x 18mm mdf carcasses with 6mm backs inserted into dados top and bottom. The idea is to hide all wiring behind the backs. Originally...
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    Advice on painting kitchen island to spray or not to spray.

    Hi, New to this forum, but could really do with some advice on the best way to paint this kitchen island. In the past I have had furniture spray finished to a high standard and have always been impressed with the finish. I recently spray finished a large built in MDF unit myself, with an Earlex...
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    how do I cut this detail with a router?

    Hi all, Am new to this forum, but have been presented with I problem that I hope one of you can probably answer quickly. I am making a kitchen island for a client and they would like four posts 100 x 150 x 860 to support a 900 x 1500 x 30 oak worktop. They would like the posts to have the same...