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    Another newbie looking for a lathe

    Personally, I wouldn't buy the Rutlands lathe unless you are sure you'll never want to upgrade. It's quite a decent package, standard clone basically, but has a 1" spindle (standard nowadays is M33), the toolrest looks awful (but may be OK), the motor looks to me as if it's DC, not induction as...
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    Is this too big for my lathe?

    Another option is to reduce the imbalance forces by adding counterweights very securely to the blank, or even drilling out material that may be particularly dense and will be lost when turning to a bowl. Duncan
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    Squirrels. Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

    Very much like a ratguard as fitted to ship's mooring lines
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    Coronet Herald and Tools advice

    The supplied stand is pretty poor in my opinion and the splayed legs take up a fair bit of room. Best to mount the lathe on a solid wooden bench and incorporate shelves to add mass to the lathe and storage space to your workshop Duncan
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    Poolewood Euro 1000 Lathe

    Poolewood was a British company and the lathes were made in Britain, at least some of the time by Silverdrive, but Poolewood (Terry Davis?) and Silverdrive fell out so there were a number of variants over the course of time. If your Euro has a drive rubber, it will be a simple stock component...
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    Lathe stand adjustable feet?

    Assuming you don't want to move the lathe frequently, Footmaster levelling castors are very simple to fit under the feet of your lathe stand - make sure you get the stud fitting type, not the plate type. They will lift the lathe by a few inches. Genuine Footmasters are expensive, but there are...
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    Oak worktop coat hooks and shoe rack

    Very nice. A good use of materials is sometimes more satisfying than an all-out brand new project.
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    Saburr Tooth at Axminster

    Just saw that a 2" Saburr Tooth disc at Axminster is £55!! Other retailers are still selling at £36 - £40 and Axi prices for other Saburr Tooth products are equally out of line. Anybody with an inside line on what's going...
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    Chuck jaws standard/interchangeable?

    The 18mm measurement and the pictures suggest that they are from the Robert Sorby Patriot, Teknatool Nova/Supernova, Record Power SC4 family BUT the chuck does not look like any of the latest versions of those chucks. Which way do you turn the key to close or open the jaws? If anti-clockwise to...
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    Circle cutters?

    If using a punch, do it on endgrain; it cuts far better. Duncan
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    general advice or thoughts

    To be frank, Michael, I think you should attempt to return the lathe as not fit for purpose. Although I'm sure it can be used to turn wood, it does not, as per the advertisement: "provide unlimited potential"; it is not "the perfect piece of equipment"; the 400W motor is not powerful enough to...
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    Motor ID help for electrical novice.

    The formula W = VI only applies for dc electrics. A power factor needs to be applied for ac, typically around 0.75 so this motor is rated at 11.5 x 230 x 0.75 = around 2kW. By the way, 11.5A is the full load current, not the starting current, which could be around 70 - 90A, and not necessarily...
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    Faceplate for axminster m900

    Use this adaptor to fit an Axi 6" faceplate and then pack it out as necessary and if safe to do so: Chuck Adaptor M33 x 3.5 to 1" x 8 TPI - Chronos Engineering Supplies Duncan
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    Anyone do any fluting/shaping with a router?

    If you put a depth-limiting shroud around the router bit you should be able to follow the profile of the wood. Shouldn't be too difficult to rig up something judging by your good jig-building skills
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    Advice needed on a buffer tree for my lathe

    I use the Chestnut system; works well for me and I don't see the need for a tree as it takes seconds to spin one wheel off, and the other one on. A tree definitely restricts room to move the workpiece around the mop. Mike, there are two woodturning clubs near Daventry...
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    weird electricity consumption.

    Fridges, esp. older ones use a lot of power. Are they running more than usual? Breakdown of insulation or loss of gas can cause this, and more door opening during the day could mean an increase in daily proportion of electricity used. If your cooker has faulty controls, I suppose it also might...
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    Union Jubilee 440 v Motor Lathe

    Just remember that if you run a 440V motor on 240V without rewiring from star to delta, you will suffer a proportionate loss in torque and power. Are you sure this is acceptable?
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    Sorby Pro Edge Coarse Belts

    Robert Sorby aren't saying, I bet! Duncan
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    Sorby Pro Edge Coarse Belts

    Are you sure that the belt length of 786mm is correct? Heritage Abrasives have a separate entry for ProEdge belts: Heritage Abrasives Ltd - Polishing Mops - Abrasive Belts - Polishing Compound I've had some belts in...
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    I have a problem with a Poolewood lathe VSD

    Your lathe motor is 3-phase, powered by an inverter that converts 1-phase to 3-phase. Your pictures show the control box but they don't show the inverter. The digital part of the control box is from the inverter (designed to be detachable) but the rest of the inverter will be elsewhere. From the...