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  1. TheTiddles

    Cheap wood (mainly soft woods)

    Not sure that makes the point you want… it looks rubbish. Fine from a distance, up close appears to be made from scrap
  2. TheTiddles

    Cheap wood (mainly soft woods)

    True, but you can’t reason someone out of a position they were not reasoned into (look at some of their other posts). I’d have more chance of teaching my parent’s dog algebra
  3. TheTiddles

    Cheap wood (mainly soft woods)

    It’s the new version of “polite” I think.
  4. TheTiddles

    Toddler Bed Advice

    If it’s that low to the floor, you don’t need the perimeter at all and climbing over things often makes for a more dangerous condition (like stair gates at the top) than not having them. But if you like the look of that, go for it. The entanglement opportunities all round are a really bad plan...
  5. TheTiddles

    Overengineering a Pergola

    …and when you’re done being infallible at making pergolas, pick the winning lottery numbers and retire. Occasionally things go wrong, that’s what insurance is for, one could reasonably foresee that, as someone once said.
  6. TheTiddles

    Overengineering a Pergola

    Lift slabs Insert footing Put slabs back down
  7. TheTiddles

    joining oak board to make a swing seat

    Run a full length loose tongue down the edge of each piece, outdoor glue, you’ll be fine.
  8. TheTiddles

    How to keep a vice tommy bar from disjoining

    Drill and tap the centre of the vice screw and add a thumbscrew as grub screw, (whilst I hate grub screws this is one occasion where I’ve had to live with it). Then you can set the bar in the middle for everyday use but loosen off for extra torque if needed
  9. TheTiddles

    Workshop machinery dust covers?

    Goretex with magnets in the corners
  10. TheTiddles

    Rubber feet got chopping board

    Saves the manufacturers from having to make a board flat enough to sit on a countertop, a bit of an indicator of an inferior product in my view
  11. TheTiddles

    Best protection for outdoor teak bench

    If it’s teak, you don’t really need to protect it, so long as it’s not sat in water it’ll last years
  12. TheTiddles

    Best protection for outdoor teak bench

    Osmo UV protection oil works well, but not on the horizontal surfaces, like the bit you sit on (how very helpful) Teak oil doesn’t last that long, if you want it pristine then it’s at least once a year. A pressure washer makes short work of cleaning outside wood
  13. TheTiddles

    Moving workshop/transporting machines - any tips??

    The irony of Trago suffering from Brexit is hilarious, their MD was an ardent proponent for it whilst employing Polish workers
  14. TheTiddles

    Moving workshop/transporting machines - any tips??

    Hire vans don’t come with ratchet straps, so buy some ahead. All heavy stuff behind the cab only, watch left/right balance. Mind the load limit and also check the suspension, leaf springs should never load beyond flat. Many people load up vehicles and cars with all sorts and get away with it...
  15. TheTiddles

    Child size chair

    Buy a second hand Tripp Trapp, whilst they are a huge price new, you can get one for £30 that will clean up like new in an hour or so and they are awfully good, last many years which most other set designs don’t
  16. TheTiddles

    Boarding loft and loft ladder advice

    Unless you’re using foam board you need a large gap to get enough insulation in to be effective, the weight of timber to counter batten will be significant and the existing truss structure may not be designed for it. Loft legs are crude but work, chipboard over the top is quick to do. We have a...
  17. TheTiddles

    What species would be on your shortlist for a slab desk?

    I’m guessing Jacobs on his usual rant… he’s had it explained a few times over the last decade or so, he’s not getting it. stiffness of the torsion box is the square of the distance between the faces, so deeper is “better”, but worse for clearance, but compared with an apron it’ll be much less...
  18. TheTiddles

    Electrical testing for lighting products

    You can do all the technical file and certification yourself, it’s not hard, but you have to know how to do it and if you don’t, that’s where getting some help can be worth it. I’d expect to pay £500-£1000 for that and it would give you what you’d need to then modify and update for every other...
  19. TheTiddles

    What species would be on your shortlist for a slab desk?

    Veneer could give you fabulous grain, you might run out of budget again though. If it was me I would too veneer a box about 100mm deep or a laminated section of 3x18mm with an apron or support of some nature.
  20. TheTiddles

    Acceptable tolerance for thicknesser - parallelism of cutter head to the bed

    That’s an interesting theory, but Japan has suffered from one of the most protracted economic stagnations of any developed economy. They grew fantastically before that, like many do, thanks in part to the people who helped rebuild them for a global future from their shattered past. British...