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    random orbital sander techniques

    I've just got my first ROS (bit late the game) and have a couple of questions about best practise, seem to have found a lot of contradictory advice online. Firstly should I be sanding with the grain? I thought that the movement of the sander head meant this was not nessacery, but have seen...
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    looking for recomendation of an affordable 6" combination square

    would prefer not to pay the earth, but really want a reliable square. I have a cheap 12" square, but the 90 degree is just not reliable enough, so it really only gets used as a ruler / measure / gauge. thank you
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    Has anyone used the Yandles own brand glue seems like a good price, just wondering if anyone has used it and has thoughts yah or nay??
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    has anyone tried standard (countersunk) screws with washers on in pocket holes?

    I found a basic pocket hole jig in my father's tools, but no screws, I understand that the wedge of a standard screw head would split the grain, has anyone tried using a washer or two to flatten the base of the screw head?
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    record 52 1/2 vice -£15 gumtree

    saw this, thought it might be of interest to someone
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    Kearney and Trecker 3K Vertical Milling Machine

    not mine, know nothing about it, saw it and though it might be of interest to someone
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    Parkside (lidl) hot glue gun

    they've got these coming up on sunday, thought I might pick one up. Has anyone tried this one? I've got a hot glue gun, but it really takes ages to warm up, and even then I think it could do with being hotter. Point being if the lidl one isn't that great I won't bother
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    Dewalt tstak vs fatmax pro stack comparison?

    I got an email today from toolstation with an offer on a stanley fatmax tool tote and case bundle Search it looks like pro stack and tstak lock together in combination. i know stanley and dewalt are effectively the same company but I'm wondering why they're bringing out the same products twice...
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    How to remove a carriage bolt from a post without damaging thread??

    what is the best way to remove a carriage bolt, from a snug hole in wood, preserving the thread, especially the start of the thread, for reuse. Obviously if you just pound it out with a hammer, you mar the end of the bolt. If you put on a nut and pound it out as far as it will go are you...
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    finger wrench - 3d printed

    wish I had a 3d printer, saw this and thought I'd share Finger Wrench (digit spanner) by francfalco
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    lubrication for a tape measure

    what is best to use to lubricate a tape measure, I'm leaning towards silicone spray, on a rag wiped across the surface of the tape, maybe a quick squirt into the case once the tape is fully unwound (or would this be likely to stop the brake from working?)
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    lattice topped workbench, any point past decoration?

    this you tube video caught my eye, he's made a solid worktop, then routed out a grid and inlaid battons to form a lattice, he then goes on to pour epoxy into the knots. I thought at first that it had been mislabled as a bench and was actually a sideboard or the like, until he latter puts a vice...
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    watch batteries - what brand, where to buy

    does anyone have any recommendations for AG1 size button batteries, I've exhausted my old stock, which were getting less and less reliable. looking on amazon there are very few brands that I recognize, so are they all pretty much the same quality?
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    leather sheath for small serrated saw, how to protect stitches from teeth

    Not in any way a leatherworker, but I'm looking to make a simple leather sheath for a small toolbox saw, similar to the image below, I was planning to sandwich the blade between the leather, then glue and stich the seams, probably a rivet at the ends for extra strength. My concern is that the...
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    Reciprocating saw on paving slabs?

    Has anyone used a reciprocating saw on concrete slabs? My saw is fairly budget, an einhell one, so not massively powerful, not sure if that will be a limiting factor, also wondering what techniques people have found works best, most likely it will be trimming slabs down to width, not sure if I...
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    excess deaths around 1928?

    so, highest excess deaths since WW2 according to the BBC today, horrible, but not unexpected. They showed a chart showing spikes in the first and second world war, understandable, what I can't understand is a slightly smaller, but still significant spike around 1928. Can anyone explain this...
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    japanese toolbox, do I need a bevel on the wedge?

    I was planning a variation on a japanese toolbox, the various designs I've seen online are roughly similar in terms of the lid, except that some have a slight bevel on the locking wedge, and others leave it out. Is it nessacery and what angle is best? thank you
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    black and decker minicraft, all sorts of bits, yeovil, somerset

    seems like a pretty good price if you are looking for this sort of thing Miniature power tools for Hobby, Craft and DIY. | in Yeovil, Somerset | Gumtree
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    where are the rules

    had a message saying that a posting of mine had been deleted today, as it broke a rule. That wasn't intentional and if it needed to be taken down so be it, with my apologies. I dare say I agreed to the rules when I joined the forum, but are they somewhere on the site for reference?
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    Has anyone used ?

    just googling around and found this site, best price for a makita red random orbit sander, I'm always reluctant to put my card details on unknown sites so was just wondering if people have used them and how they got on?