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    Sourcing wood

    Dear all, How does one go about finding wood that isn't pen blanks or bowl blanks ? In the current(?) issue of "Woodturning" (#369) there is a Mushroom money box project that requires a block of cherry 11cm x 11cm x 20cm, and another 4cm x 4cm x 11cm - where would one go about sourcing such...
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    How to deal with logs

    Dear all, I picked up a piece of beech, ash, sycamore and a couple of pieces of oak. (Pictures attached). These will need to dry out before I can use them for turning etc. How do I go about this - do I paint them with emulsion, cut them first, leave them inside... I have little grasp of what I...
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    Henry + cyclone or NV750 ?

    Dear all, I am ready to buy a dust extractor for my small (3m x 4m) workshop. I have narrowed it down to a) Henry + cyclone + chip box (about £150) b) Numatic NV750 (about £380) Important things (to me at least) are noise level, fine dust extraction, ability to run for an hour or so without...
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    bandsaw power switch

    Hi, I have an Axminster HBS310N bandsaw and I think the on/off switch is dying. I can turn it on and it may run for minutes or it may turn off within 2 seconds - or do anything in between. Nothing else seems wrong, no strange noises, no odd burning smells, not banging or knocking at all. If I...
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    Bosch pbd 40 - drum sander attachment

    Dear all, I am getting the Bosch pbd 40 pillar drill for Christmas :D. I would also like to use it as a small drum sander but I am a little unsure of what I need. I have watched a few youtube videos but I am still at a bit of a loss. Do I just need to buy something like these, or is there...
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    Building a bookcase

    Hi, Dear All, my daughter has requested a large bookcase (with a ladder !!!). I am planning on following this outline plan : ... ng/4268525 Basically I have never built anything this large before, and I am a little daunted. Is it relatively simple, or...
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    Cheap router table

    I was thinking of making a router table for my new J0F001 Triton router and came across this: ... 227&sr=1-4 It is cheap, and I understand you get what you pay for, but would it be sufficent for a first table ? It says suitable for 1/4" Routers, and the...
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    Small bandsaws

    Hello, I want a small/tabletop bandsaw and have found the following that fit the bill (I think) Jet JWBS-9 ... rod208702/ Axminster AWBS250N ... rod804528/ Basato 1 ...
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    Sharpening stone and vice

    Hi, I have an old sharpening stone (probably >60years old - was my Grandfather's). It is about 10" long and 3" wide, a very dark grey, almost black, and is set in a wooden box (I'll post a picture later if that will help) My questions is : Do I use water or oil as a lubricant, and if oil, what...