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  1. TheTiddles

    Sold Sharpening Things

    SOLD - Richard Kell No.3 MkII - SOLD Some slight scratches, nothing you couldn’t polish out if so desired, has an African Blackwood wedge. It’s not done a lot of work in its life. £25 on collection from south of Salisbury or posted at cost. SOLD - Pinnacle Honing Guide - SOLD Interesting...
  2. TheTiddles

    Withdrawn Lie-Nielsen No.112 Large Scraper Plane

    This isn’t being made at the moment and I’m not using it so, here it is. In the original box where it’s been kept indoors warm and dry. No dinks or damage, been used a handful of times, the corners of the blade have been rounded off so it doesn’t tramline, other than that it’s virtually new...
  3. TheTiddles

    Let’s make... a toy box

    I’ve made one before, it was 3-years late, so is this one. Painted box with elm top to match the rest of the furniture. I’ve got just enough of the same veneer as all the other built-in units to do the outside of the top, plus using up scraps and offcuts which I seem to have everywhere (note to...
  4. TheTiddles

    Picture Frame

    I don’t know about you guys but it feels to me like we are short on builds at the moment, so in an attempt to be a part of the solution more than the problem (that and I want to try out the new direct photo posting), here’s a picture frame WIP. It’s based on my “standard” design which I think...
  5. TheTiddles

    Prokraft Hinges

    Has anyone used the Prokraft box premium hinges? Especially anyone who has also used neat hinges, how different are they from the earlier neat hinges? They are certainly cheaper, but not hugely, how do they compare on quality? Aidan
  6. TheTiddles

    SOLD - WoodRat - Little Rat

    WoodRat - Little Rat (the version before the WR600), fits a Trend/Elu/DeWalt base but can be drilled for others or a new base purchased. It has the plastic rails for straight/1:7” dovetails which frankly aren’t great, but also the aluminium straight rails which is what makes a WoodRat really...
  7. TheTiddles

    SOLD - Axminster Bench Morticer

    Axminster AW12BM, old, but well looked after, been mostly used as a pillar drill (which it does very well), whilst a pillar drill does not make a very good morticer. No major corrosion, moves freely and can be demonstrated. Comes with two 1/2” chisels, a 3/8” and a 1/4”. The worklight bulb...
  8. TheTiddles

    SOLD - Table Saw & Router Table Combination

    For sale is my Axminster TS200 saw with built in router table (currently set to take a Trend T-11 with through table height adjustment, but you could fit a T-5 or an Elu without any changes and make some small modifications to add other routers). Obviously it’s all custom built from the original...
  9. TheTiddles

    a big tool I saw...

    Fond as many of you are of aged tools, I saw this yesterday at the Hampshire Country Show... I was compelled to take the picture just for the array of safety precautions used, however the user did make sure the blade was blunt so it won't cut as fast, cutting through about 3" thick birch logs...
  10. TheTiddles

    SOSS hinge use

    The next cabinet in the offing has reached the planning stage, doors are going to be inset, yet one door has to open to be clear of the inside of the cabinet, so the drop-down front of the consumer unit doesn't foul the door. Clearly ordinary butt hinges are off, kitchen cabinet hinges would do...
  11. TheTiddles

    Teak Cabinet - knobless

    Just added the shelves to this piece: Made from teak veneered ply with solid door frames, finish is just a heavy coat of teak oil. It still needs some handles/knobs added. The stainless ones I had were too large and I think it needs something shiny in the centre instead of wooded ones. It's the...
  12. TheTiddles

    TS200 saw blade deal!

    Anyone needing a new blade for their TS200 might be interested to know Axminster have the 64 tooth CMT blade in clearance at £22 down from £65! Yep - not a typo, was in stock last night too and dispatched this morning for sure. In the interests of balance I suppose I should curse them and...
  13. TheTiddles

    3/8" Pen Barrel

    I've tried to get one of these from Axminster, but they only sell metric sizes as spares. I want to remake my Majestic pen kit but need a 3/8" barrel for it, does anyone have a spare I can swap for something? Aidan
  14. TheTiddles

    Birch Ply price

    A perennial question... How much per 18mm sheet? I see most people are up in the £70+vat range, is this now the usual unless you buy in bulk? Aidan
  15. TheTiddles

    Walnut Box

    Right, this piece is finished but I may post this in installments as there's a lot of pictures to explain. I'm using my new router table for the first time, with a curtain fence as it's simple to make. The walnut boards have been sat waiting for an application for years, so here it is, I took...
  16. TheTiddles

    Garden Lanterns

    Made these for some friend's wedding present. Maple with rosewood wedges covered in linseed oil. The glass vases came from Ikea
  17. TheTiddles

    Removing/installing planer blades

    Right, for the third time, whilst adjusting planer blades, the little spanner used to tighten the screws has slipped and I've put my fingers onto the lovely sharp knife. Whilst it's not serious, it's getting annoying. How does anyone else avoid this? I'm thinking of making a spanner with a...
  18. TheTiddles

    Jewelry box drawer sides

    I'm working on a piece at the moment that I can't disclose too much about for reasons that will become obvious when I do post the piece, however, suffice to say it has some small drawers (a few inches by a few inches) in. I need to make the drawer sides thick enough to act as runners along with...
  19. TheTiddles

    Does anyone remember where...?

    I once saw a website of a guy who made turned boxes that looked like beetles, the wing cases lifted off to reveal the storage area and legs and antennae were carved from ebony or similar, the wing cases and carapace were made from sections of hollow forms, they were often mounted on a large...
  20. TheTiddles

    Important/Daft Advice Needed!

    We (at work) need to create 10 corporate gifts by the beginning of next week, for a part which is about the size of two 50p coins on top of each other. I have acess to CNC, lasers, PU casting and pretty much any material I want, thing is, we ain't got any ideas! Casting in clear acrylic and...