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  1. Val

    NEJE Master 2S Max

    I am entertaining the idea of buying a laser cutter/engraver for creating my own templates (plus a few other things). After a good amount of research I have discarded the idea of a CNC router, so I'm having a look at some laser machines and I've found this one with a dual 10W optical power laser...
  2. Val

    Routing thick end grain at the table

    I need some help: I have cut a piece of sapele from a board, and with the bandsaw I have “carved” two thick pieces that I will use to make a solid wood box (one for the box itself and one for the lid) and then flattened them with a planer and a drum sander. I think that the majority of the...
  3. Val

    Yet another workbench design

    I'm starting to think about building a proper workbench, as so far I've been working on some Toughbuilt sawhorses with a sheet of plywood and some 4x2s as supports. I've been recently working on the mitre saw bench and I'm about to build the router table, so it's time for me to think about the...
  4. Val

    Parkside compressor - a lemon?

    Hi everyone, A couple of days ago I've bought a Parkside compressor, oil-free 50L 1800W PVKO 50 A1 model, as I plan to use it for some light spray painting and it was on offer at my local Lidl (offers in NI are different than in GB). However, after assembly I realised that if I keep the...
  5. Val

    Setup for a beginner - really long shopping list

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread on the forum so this will count as a brief presentation as well! I'm in my mid 30s, I'm Italian, I work in the IT, and I've been living in Belfast for quite a while now. During lockdown it hasn't been possible for me to pursue my usual interests and...