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    Words you just can't pronounce.

    Pronounce all them words like that in Lincolnshire
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    getting old

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    Veneer on MDF repair

    you can use pva glue thats ok with mdf john
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    Want to make rebates on table saw (riving knife in the way)

    nothing wrong with cutting rebates on a circular saw been doing it for 50 years with and without riving knife. all you need to do is stay focust john
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    Cleaning Old Door Hinges

    soak them in thinner for a few hours john
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    Glass deep cleaning

    just a thought sometimes a hair dryer can do the trick.
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    Glass deep cleaning

    thinner does the job for me with stickers,labels etc
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    kevM my pension is index linked. I live in holland
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    If you've paid in I thought you could claim it where ever you are when you retire? you can, i live in holland now and my state pension is payed every 4 weeks. you can have it payed into a bank either in uk or in the country you live in. [if you have a bank account in uk that is]. john
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    13amp planer thicknesser

    I,ve got a mac allister from b&q runs on 13amp
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    Work Bench for a lefty

    I am left handed as well, 50 years a cabinet maker, served my apprentiship learning from 5 cabinet makers and 2 joiners all right handed. didnt think about being left handed just took in what i was told watched all 7 different ways of doing things and then found my own way of doing it. never...
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    'PINE' wood.

    used to be called deal when i started my apprenticeship many moons ago [1962] until somebody give it a posh name. john
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    Guard removed for demo purposes...

    [He is an old guy with with both hands intact and he has probably been doing it for donkeys years and I don't suppose he gives it a second thought. The saw probably wouldn't meet current HSE requirements, but then a lot of machinery used by hobby woodworkers wouldn't and it isn't as if this is...
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    facing a bench vice

    anything you find laying about the wokshop, done the job for me the last 50 years. john
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    MDF Edges

    good tip thanks john
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    MDF Edges

    treat the edges with a mixture of pva glue and water 20 to 30% glue. i always use ordinary mdf, no problems at all. john
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    Routing MDF?

    routing mdf is no problem, i have router bits from wealden done a hell of a lot with the cutters no problem at all. the routed area you can treat with a mixture of pva glue and water mix it about 20% glue. john
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    Help - New Scroller

    inkscape is free and good, its a bit complicated till you find out how to do it' john
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    I think I need Bobs help?