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  1. biskit

    Bench sander

    I'm going to buy a bench top 6"x4" sander, can anyone tell me is the Axminster at £189. That much better than the Machine mart one at 20% off at £85.?? :?
  2. biskit

    Katsu trimmer

    Has anyone got one of these Katsu trimmers, not much money so are they worth buying :?:
  3. biskit

    Sledge slot

    Just made a sled for my new TS . :?: because the riveing knife is a bit wider how can I cut the slot :?: :!:
  4. biskit

    What did you do in your workshop today ?

    I altered my vac/cyclone, so I can just plug in the vacuum hose after closing a blast gate for the machine duct, by fitting a Y junction. I might even try fitting another blast gate to the vac hose! So it can stay fixed.That may be even better...
  5. biskit


    I'm looking for a small compressor. I've got a Bambi silent one that is lovely and quiet but a bit under powered, good tip for my nail gun/blow gun etc. I fancy something like the Impax 412-24 with a 2-75hp motor,Screwfix have these in. Any thoughts on this and others. Oh and how noisy/quiet...
  6. biskit

    New shed Sea King

    Anybody going to get a redundant Sea King helicopter to use as a garden shed? A few going to be sold off. :) :) (hammer)
  7. biskit

    Ryobi cordless drills

    I have 4 drills 2 I've taken to Power Tools (local repair man) to see if he can't sort them :( is it worth buying a new Ryobi, :?: or are there better options for me to consider. :?: I tried DeWalt before and did'nt like. Any good reports, what do you think. :?
  8. biskit

    Oilstone, oldies

    What do you do with your old oilstones. I have a few old misshaped ones and don't want to throw them out if there is a use I could put them too. :?
  9. biskit

    Wooden dog wire

    I'm making some dowel dogs for my bench. I've tried coat hanger wire that doesn't seem to have enough Spring, ls there a way to get a bit of springiness. May be different wire?
  10. biskit

    Dust/wood chip collector

    Is there a collector that can work when reduced from 100 to 63millimetre,? the ones I've looked at advise against it. :? :? So I can use it with smaller tools.
  11. biskit

    Height of your work surface.

    What height is the ideal for a woodwork bench. :?: I suppose it depends on how tall you are. :!: Some say :lol: elbow level, but most are lower.
  12. biskit

    10" bench saw

    Hi folks :) I'm biskit a newbie on here, I'm starting a refurb on my man cave. Starting with a new bench saw I fancy the TS250 from Axminster so I can build a work station round it, other than them being on back order :roll: what advice can you give? have they had any bad revues with forum...