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    Sedgwick P/T

    This is the slightly longer table version of the one I covered the rebuild of in another thread. I also covered building an extraction hood as well in another thread as my one was missing. The one significant change I would make to the comments I made in my rebuild thread is relating to 3 phase...
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    Another two chessboards.

    Very nice boards, I got into making chess boards completely by accident last year. On my third commission right now in Sycamore and Mahogany salvaged from a very old writing desk that was otherwise scrap. I made the first one in Maple an American Black Walnut and the second in Sycamore and Black...
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    9" table saw blade

    I have bought from Doug at cutting solutions the correct sized blades for my Startrite TA145. Both blades are German manufacture and of high quality one rip, one fine Hope this helps Nigel
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    JET Jet JDP-15B-M Bench Pillar Drill reviews

    I Bought my Nova Viking from Machinery4Wood based in St Austell and also a Jet drum sander from them last year. They might be able to help with looking at both of the machines. Don’t know how close they are to you but hope this helps. They were very helpful and good to deal with in my...
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    JET Jet JDP-15B-M Bench Pillar Drill reviews

    I am in the same boat regarding the Jet, I have never owned or used it so it would be unfair to comment on the Jet. I can compare the Nova Viking with the Elliot 2GS I owned for 4 years. Having originally been given the Elliot for free. I had to spend a lot of time and even more money repacing...
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    JET Jet JDP-15B-M Bench Pillar Drill reviews

    I would look out for a secondhand Meddings or similar. Its hard to justify this sort of spend on a drill, Having said that a new Meddings is 3x this price. If you are dead set on a new drill. I bought a Nova Viking which is a few hundred more than the Jet, very well built, no play in the quill...
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    Startrite T/A 145? motor upgrade

    Hi Martin, check that the saw spindle and motor spin freely and dont feel rough when you turn them. If the motor feels fine, then maybe get it checked out by a local motor specialist. Startrite were a good company and would have specified everything in the original machine for the stated...
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    Startrite T/A 145? motor upgrade

    And I forgot to say, capped off the motor grease tubes as they are no longer required. Spindle was also rebuilt with SKF Imperial bearings. Whole machine runs really smoothly. Motor and spindle are easy strip downs.
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    Startrite T/A 145? motor upgrade

    Hi Martin, just to be clear, I have exactly the same motor as you, also in single phase. As I said, my motor bearings were shot and had an external grease nipple. I replaced them with the same size of bearing but sealed SKF, I seem to remember type, but "RS". Motor has been fine now for 8...
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    Startrite T/A 145? motor upgrade

    Hi Martin, I have the same model as you have. It was not in great condition and missing a fence. I rebuilt it, replaced motor and spindle bearings and belts, plus sourced alternative missing parts. Although I rarely saw softwood, I find it will rip and crosscut to capacity in Iroko and Hard...
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    New Planer/thicknesser

    I am a part time furniture maker, I would struggle to fit a 310 in my particular workshop but have been using a spiral block Hammer A3-26 for four years and a similar sized Sedgwick before that. Build quality exactly the same on the Hammer A3 range. I have table extensions for occasional planing...
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    New Planer Thicknesser

    I should have added, my one was delivered to Central Scotland. The driver was happy to wheel down my monoblocked drive. Well packed is an understatement. Same scenario when I ordered a N4400 a year later. Outer packing Inner packing was a pallet placed on a pallet
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    New Planer Thicknesser

    Having upgraded from an older Sedgwick PT255 in late 2017 to a Spiral Head Hammer A3-26 I have had no problems after 4 and a bit years of regular use on a variety of woods including Hard Maple and Iroko. Not turned any cutter segments yet either. Best machine I have bought.
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    SCM Minimax S45 Bandsaw Teardown & Overhaul

    My first bandsaw was a Minimax S45, a truly excellent machine. The earlier white machines had a 250mm depth of cut (my one), later ones had 300mm before they went to the MK2 current shape. These are at the lighter end of industrial so they are really at the heavy end of hobby. Often go for a lot...
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    Replacement pillar drill column and base?

    I have just sold the same model, essentially for the same reason, I fully rebuilt it and I can assure you the column is a solid bar that fits into a cast socket at the top of the cast base and does not go straight through. You could keep a look out for an Elliot series 1 floor standing drill...
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    What higher-end bandsaw?

    I have the Hammer N4400 with ceramic guides and have had it for 2 years having changed from a SCM Minimax S45, which I had for 8 plus years. Overall I think the S45 is the best value for money and a truly great bandsaw. In my case I changed to the Hammer N4400 to be able to use the same table...
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    DIY Overhead crown guard with dust extraction.

    I am seeing good results on mine with a hvlp set up 100mm below and 50mm above connected to the same outlet. I roughed mine out in plastic pipe and plywood to try the concept and then manufactured it in stainless and aluminium. After a year of use, very happy with the performance
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    What would you buy?

    I had the same bandsaw (S45) for many years. It was single phase, fantastic machine, bought ex-school for £500, only needed a wheel bearing change and sold 2 years ago privately for £800, could have sold a few of them, based on the number of enquiries I had. My opinion would be an OEM motor if...
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    Planer thicknesser help Hammer vs. Sedgwick?

    My first planer/thicknesser was a Sedgwick PT255 (10”) width. You can find my complete teardown and rebuild of this machine starting as a seized rusting hulk else where on the site, complemented by a SCM Minimax S45 Bandsaw. These are two most used machines in my workshop. I ran the Sedgwick...
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    Table saw blade

    I would second the use of Cutting Solutions. I bough a Rip and Fine cross cut blade for my Startrite TA145 from them. Very high quality blades, both made in Germany and no problems.