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    First table saw - Startrite TA145 rebuild with photos

    I have been looking around for a small table saw for my single car garage workshop. I considered a few brand new models that are popular here but as I have already rebuilt a Sedgwick Planer thicknesser http://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/sedgwick-pt255-strip-down-and-rebuild-t66864.html, I...
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    Build your own simple mobile machine base (with Photos)

    I promised in my very recent Sedgwick rebuild that I would post details of how to build a mobile base for your machinery using a fairly basic tool kit. This is a much easier project than building Furniture so give it a go! Why build: Your stand will be more rigid than a store bought adjustable...
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    Sedgwick PT255 Strip down and rebuild (with Photographs)

    Karl's original topic was the inspiration for me even attempting this! (Post updated to restore pictures lost from Photobucket change of 3rd party hosting) Rather than go through the pro's and cons of Sedgwick v's anything else, I will try and keep to the subject in hand and hopefully at the...
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    My new Italian companion - Minimax S45 Bandsaw

    After more than 3 years of waiting, I finally purchased my first larger piece of woodworking machinery back in July this year. I looked at many reviews and posts over the years, deliberated over the pro's and con's of new versus old. The older Startrite's are readily available, and look like...
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    Makita 18v LXT broken power tool wanted - can anyone help?

    Was not sure if I could post this here: I am looking for a broken Makita 18v Lithium Ion cordless power tool (new square brick type battery). It does not matter whether it's a drill or a torch or whatever as long as the part of the tool that locates the battery (contacts/ moulded slides /...
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    Record Power BS500 Bandsaw users

    Still looking for a bandsaw to fit my needs (furniture making hopefully). Have gone through looking at most of the available bandsaws around £800 on the market (I know from the forum there are a few really good ones). Had originally looked at a Hammer N4400 but decided that it was too expensive...
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    Transtools at it again!

    After much research on this forum, I decided to order a SCMS for my workshop (this site is really great for this, maybe starting to prefer it to trawling thro the magazines, but I digress). Anyway, Transtools had the one I wanted at the best price and in stock. Ordered it on line there and...
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    Better Bandsaw & P/T versus cheaper equipment etc

    Now looking to plan and equip my main workshop, having now just about completed my smaller one with Lathe/Drill Press mortiser. I know that there are a lot of people out there with a lot more experience that me, so here is the question. Spend the budget on cheaper and smaller Table...
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    Should home made lathe bench be fixed to walls as well

    I am new to turning (and this forum) and have added a secondhand lathe (Record Coronet No 3) to my list of equipment. I plan to mainly make legs/spindles for my cabinetmaking. I will be locating this in my recently built shed where I have already built a bench using 4 x 2 and 18mm plywood...