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    Shed / workshop cladding

    Hi all, In the (very) slow process of building a new shed / garden workshop at my new house. It's 3.6 x 3m on screw foundations. At the moment the frame of the thing is up (build for 2x4s and 2x5s) and covered in thick black plastic to keep the weather off. Recently had a baby so it's a very...
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    Bandsaw advice - anyone got an Axminster AT2552B?

    Hi all, Anyone got a AT2552B? Seems to get pretty good reviews, but wondered if it's a bit under powered at 750w? https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-t ... sel=105096 Would be using it for wood - including oak. Maybe the odd bit of aluminium (with the correct blade). The other option would...
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    How do I treat a kids workbench that will be kept outside?

    I’ve just knocked up a workbench for my wife who’s a reception teacher – apparently teaching wood work in early years is a thing – which is great! The bench will be kept outside the school but under cover (think a big overhang outside a classroom) – the grounds not level so it’ll be on...