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    Adding locked switches to machinary

    EDIT. Sorry male part should read female (that fits to wall)
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    Adding locked switches to machinary

    Hi akirk, In your suggestion I assume when you refer to red and white plugs that you actually mean 'sockets' ( the male part that is fixed to the wall)? An isolator switch as you suggest would render all machines inactive which diyfiesta may not require if he wants to use a machine when children...
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    Adding locked switches to machinary

    Keep it "simples" . For all (critical)machines run from a 15 amp socket, fix a wooden block near the socket(s). Cut a transverse groove in the block the same width and depth as the plug with 3 holes at bottom of groove to accept the 3 pins. Fix a hasp and staple across with a small padlock to...
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    Radial arm saw capable of cutting 150mm x 150mm

    How about a metal cutting engineers bandsaw fitted with a faster motor and wood cutting blade......simples.
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    Thread adaptor

    Hi Doug, try Charnwood
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    Oddball Union Jubilee lathe

    Hi Paul, sorry for the late response. Yes, I too aquired one of these some years ago. I believe it came from the repair shop of a merchant ship and was originally supplied by John Hall Tools Ltd. As you say, it has the characteristics and capacity of a Graduate but with steel headstock, Timken...
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    any suggestions on how to do this cut?

    Accorging to your latest post: the cut is through one plane only(so no binding of the TS blade, yes?) I would do a on a TS with a taper cutting jig to control the angle. Clamp the tube to an "L" shaped jig and pass through using the taper jig. You will be left with a whole cylinder which has a...
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    Union Graduate (wood lathe) carriage/saddle setup?

    Hi Minilathe22. just spotted your thread as I mostly view the woodturning section. The following (still) may be of some interest to you. I acquired a machine such as you describe some years ago. It is something of a hybrid. (badged as a Jubilee but actually of Graduate proportions in that it is...
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    Recommendation for Chuck and Jaws for Union Graduate Classic

    Hi Alex, normally the inboard thread on the Graduate is 1 1/2" RH and the outboard is 1 1/2" LH. The Tool Post can supply a suitable chuck and combined RH/LH adapter. However, I have heard that their quality (Versachuck) is not the best. I would suggest you kepp an eye out on ebay or similar...
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    Union Graduate Tail Stock disassembly

    Hi Deema, the hole you mentioned is an oil hole. There is also a hole at the back of the tailstock hand wheel. Turn it until the hole is at 12 o'clock. this gives access to the screw you need to remove to free the c shaped locator. Tudor
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    Sorry Alan, I (wrongly) assumed that you were referring to the Woodworking Show which takes place in September. Tudor
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    Hi Mock (Alan) Firstly I believe Yandles is in September (unless they have moved it forward because it didn't happen in April!). A few weeks ago you were on a "high" having bought a few vintage machines. Then, you seemed to be wanting to sell them because, I believe, something to do with an...
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    Startrite 275 Riving knife and general refurb

    Hi Steve, sorry for delay. Below is the link to the "trunion" plate which has a piece broken off. It is the "C" shaped piece with groove on inside and outside. I have more or less cured this problem by turning the plate around to reduce the pressure on the broken area...
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    Startrite 275 Riving knife and general refurb

    Hi Giveusaclue Cant seem to do a hotlink, so not sure if the one below will work. https://www.machinespares.net/products/ ... ing-knife/ It is the standard riving knife for the 275 Hi Ttrees, I assume your first sentence refers to the r'knife and second sentence to the broken trunion? Thought...
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    Startrite 275 Riving knife and general refurb

    Hi Guys, I hang about mostly on the Woodturning section, however just acquired a 275 and have spent the last 2 days "fiddling and fettling" (great fun). It needs a new riving knife, the type shown in the parts list with two notches on top to fix the guard to. Is it possible that someone could...
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    Lathe dimension

    Sorry Phone No is 01473 784983 Tudor
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    Lathe dimension

    Check out the UK agent's web site. Classic Hand Tools. Tel: 01473 784938 Regards Tudor
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    Union Graduate chuck options??

    Hi H, I agree with what Chas has said. The Axi "super precision" or the later "Evolution" is popular with us Graduate owners and is considered as the "go to" chuck. They are based on engineering scroll chucks but with jaw carriers which can accommodate a large variety of interchangeable jaws...
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    Technical term please?

    Hi Graham, Sounds like you may be referring to a "LEADSCREW" as on a metal turning lathe. Tudor
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    Woodworkers in Wales

    Hi Chris, I am an amateur woodturner and "Men's Shed" member From the Ammanford area, but travel to Cardiff frequently (mainly baby sitting duties!). Very interested, and will contact you soon via your email. Regards Tudor