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    workshop scms stand info.

    Hi, I have a makita ls1214 scms with axminster stand, however it does take up a lot of room and is very awkward to move around the workshop. Can anybody recommend a workshop mitre saw table/stand which has fold down wings for storage plus sturdy wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Or would I be...
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    Cleaning Cast Iron Tops Info

    Hi, I have recently purchased a drill press with a cast iron table which has a few water marks and a few light rust marks on it. How would you recommend cleaning the top without causing any damage to the surface? :? Any info would be appreciated. thank you Michel
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    Festool Routing Template mfs 700 or mfs 400

    Hello, Just wondered if anybody had used this template. In theory it seems like a good idea. I assume it would help reduce the amount of homemade templates you would normally keep/make in the workshop. http://festool.safeshopper.com/456/385.htm?706 Any info would be appreciated Thank you Michel
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    Belt & Disc Sander Advice

    Hello, Can anybody recommend a good quality bench or stand Belt & Disc Sander. Thank you Michel
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    Dewalt DC618KA Cordless nail gun

    Hello, Has anybody used or seen in the flesh the new Dewalt DC618KA Cordless nail gun. I have read a few reviews in GWW etc. They all seem very positive, plus no gas or air required. http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/store/browse.php3?section=6003&sn=DEWDC618KA&main=&cs=&level=5 Any info/views would...
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    Festool Planers

    Hello, Just wondered if anybody had tried / owns or has an opinion on the Festool power planers either the EHL65 or HL850 Planer. Any info/opinions would be helpful. cheers :D Michel
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    Kreg K2000 Propack Pocket Hole System

    Hello, Does anybody know where i can buy the Kreg K2000 Propack Pocket Hole System in the UK. So far Brimarc haven't replied to my e-mails :roll: . The only places i can find are in the USA :? Cheers Michel
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    Festool OF1400 Info

    Hello, Looking for a good quality router to use for 100% handheld work (use my Bosch GOF2000 in my wood rat) for general routing and the occasional kitchen worktop. I have read the review in GWW and they seem to rate it as being capable of routing kitchen worktops even though its only 1400...
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    Pocket Hole Jigs (Kreg or Trend ??)

    Hello :D , I have read a few reviews on pocket hole jigs and they all seem to recommend either the Kreg or Trend versions. Just wondered which one was better out of the two, or if they are the same quality just different makes/prices. Regards Michel
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    Which L-N Plane?????

    Hello All, (Sorry if this has been asked before :roll:) If you could only buy one (L-N) bench plane which one would it be??? No 1,2,3,4,4.5,5 or low angle no4 or no5. From my very little experience with hand planes i would probably choose the No5, because it is more versatile IMHO...
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    Mobile Machine Bases??

    Hello, Just wondered if anybody used mobile machine bases, and if so what they are like, or what you would recommend for a table saw and bandsaw (TS2500 & BS350). My floor is concrete and a bit rough. Regards Michel Thank you for the info already received from Gidon, Pitbull, Gary and Taffy...
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    Record BS300 Bandsaw

    Hello, Has anybody got this bandsaw, or would recommend or not recommend it compared to the competition. I have read the GWW review which is very impressive, just thought i would get your views. I think i would be better off with this size of bandsaw rather than a bench top one and regret it...
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    Dust Extraction Problem!!!

    Hello All, when i bought my Scheppach TS2500 table saw at the start of the year i also bought the Scheppach ha2600 extractor with fine filter. The intention was to use the extractor in the new workshop to run my extraction system (including table saw, power tools etc.) consisting of 110mm...
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    Sheet Material Storage???

    Hello All, Just after a bit of advice on sheet material storage (8' x 4'). I have two options really :? : - 1) my ceiling height is 9 foot and i could install a false ceiling in part of the workshop to store sheets horizontally. Would lower the ceiling height in part of the workshop though...
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    Workshop Lighting Opinion/Advice

    Hello, my workshop is now ready for wiring and I'm planning on installing 6 x twin 1800mm (6 foot) Fluorescent strips. The workshop is L 8.6m x W 4m x H 2.7m. Do you think this is to much or too little (lighting :lol: )??? :? I'm planning on installing them in three rows of two along the...
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    Woodworking Show Information

    Hello, Can anybody tell me if there are any woodworking powertool/handtool and machinery shows (apart from the axminster one) on between now and Feb 2005. Can't make the axminster one. Cheers Michel
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    Sliding Compound Mitre Saw advice

    Hello, has anybody got any recommendations/advice on Sliding Compound Mitre Saws. Going to be used primarily in the workshop to replace my mitre saw, with occasional mobile use when required. makita/scheppach/ Elektra Beckum and bosch seem good on paper :? cheers Michel
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    TREND T5 or DeWalt 621K ???????

    I currently use the Bosch GOF 2000 router, which i think is brilliant. The trouble is for small jobs it can be a bit heavy on the arms, so I'm looking at medium sized routers and have narrowed it down to the following: - Trend T5 and DeWalt 621K They seem very similar, so just wondered if...
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    Hello all, Looking into buying the Trend hinge jig and wondered if anybody had any views on it or any other hinge jigs/templates. Rgds :D Michel
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    Hand Plane rust prevention!!!!

    Hello all, just wondered if anybody uses anything to protect their hand planes from rust etc (apart from elbow grease :lol: ). In the past i've just used a light coat of oil with my tools. Regards :D Michel