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    Sleigh bed built from ash

    Hi all, I have posted about this bed several times snd many thanks for all your comments and help, it is now complete and I'm really happy with how it's come out. Just as a brief description, I got left 1k fromm Granny and Grsndsd when they passed on a couple of years ago, and have been...
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    Sleigh bed build from Ash

    Thought I would start a new thread as the other one is quite old and people may not see it. Hi all, I'm away back offshore for two weeks but the bed is nearing completion and I'm fairly happy with the results. Any ideas on what to use to finish this would be appreciated, torn between a few...
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    Designing and making an Emperor size Sleigh Bed

    Morning All, Looking for some ideas and advice on a project i'm planning, to let you understand the background, i was left a small amount of money by my grandparents, been holding on to it for over a year wondering what to do with it, between my wife and I we have agreed on an Emperor size bed...
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    Digital vs Rotary phase converter - possible build

    Hi all I am looking at three phase conversion options for my workshop I have looked at rotary converters, and I have also looked at static and digital conversion options what I'm wondering is does anyone have a digital converter from the only manufacturer that makes them in this country that i...
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    KRRASS Chinese machine tools, press brakes, sheet metal rolls etc - Anyone have one?

    Hi All, New forum member, joined to post this question and hopefully more in the future. Do any of you own a KRRASS machine of any sort from China, here is their webiste Press Brake | NC Press Brake | CNC Press Brake | Hydraulic Press Brake I have an Aluminium boat building company in the...
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    Crane required for new workshop

    Hi Everyone I'm currently in the process of building a new 15m x 10m x 4.5m workshop for wood and metal working. With that in mind i am going to need a crane so when i was digging out the foundations i put down an extra deep part in the slab in the center of one side of the building where i...