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    How do you do it? Your business

    I would suggest you stop thinking you're self-employed, but rather you're running a business - and run your business like a corporation runs its business. Everything should be billed for - from workshop/storage/garage/desk space etc. vehicles, insurance, tools, equipment, waste removal, and...
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    S I P Planer/Thicknesser

    I might embarrass myself here - does it have a drive belt? If so, have you checked it . . . . . ?
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    How do you do it? Your business

    I think it can be different if you are a mid-sized company with employees - I however do everything (with the help of my wife) from the initial consultation to the final fit - so it becomes (perhaps) a bit more personal, we often end up sitting down having lunch or dinner with our clients and...
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    How do you do it? Your business

    The first thing I do upon getting a work inquiry is to jump on Google maps and have a look at their house - if they live in a house like mine I know they're not my sort of client! Finding the right clients is the key to getting paid properly for your work - everyone wants bespoke, custom-made...
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    Table saw safety

    Yeah I think I got it from my wife when she uses my 1" Marples chisel to open a paint can 😭
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    Help / Advice please on edging wood movement

    Nothing more to add, but just wanted to say what a beautiful job you had made of it and with a great-looking finish. I'm glad you're ready to take on the challenge again and I hope you re-post it (y)
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    Table saw safety

    A lot depends upon what you're cutting. When cutting board materials, the fence extending beyond the back of the blade (and beyond) gives something to run on as the cut is finished - this can help if a perfectly straight cut is required. When ripping down sawn timber boards in order to plane...
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    Is Festool the King of Dust?

    I saw that Peter did a review on the T12 - it looks nice but ginormous!
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    Is Festool the King of Dust?

    It is, I've got one of them too!
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    Is Festool the King of Dust?

    There's one here...
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    Is Festool the King of Dust?

    Have you considered the DeWalt 622K Router - it's a rare find, but a beautiful router with integrated dust extraction. You can often find second-hand ones in excellent condition for £200-£300 on eBay.
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    Mouse sander VS orbital sander

    You will definitely need a 150mm random orbital sander. If you're going to succeed professionally, you will need to produce a high-quality finish very efficiently. I have a Metabo SXE 450 Turbo Tec (circa £160), it's every bit as good as a Festool or Mirka IMO, perhaps a bit heavier, but that's...
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    Chess Board

    Nice job! I too have just finished a chessboard - I made square pieces :D
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    How do you soften edges of ply/MDF furniture?

    A 2mm round over bit gives the perfect finish imo. I paid £12ish from Amazon - it has 4 cutting edges and gets a lot of use, and still good 6 months on.
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    How do you do it? Your business

    I find it a lot easier to stick to certain types of work, in my case fitted furniture. I usually know the price before I've left the client's house at the initial consultation because I price everything on a linear metre - Open (basic) bookshelves £800 per linear mtr - basic (MFC) wardrobes...
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    Pricing advice

    Unfortunately, most artisan-type products won't usually fetch basic, minimum wage - I suppose we'd all be artisans if they did. I would suggest X times the cost of the wood as a rule of thumb.
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    How do these cuts not cause kick back?

    I think you're right, but I find that very weird, if someone offended me with their practices on youtube, I would just cease watching them, I certainly wouldn't contribute to their wealth.
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    How do these cuts not cause kick back?

    As I said, you make your own luck in life. He was one of my old students, and I always knew which ones to watch (probably lucky), especially on the planer, which didn't get used often - come to think about it, his name was Jacob too 😂 I hope you haven't got access to an overhand planer 😬
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    Workshop Mitre Saw recommendations

    I can absolutely recommend the Bosch GCM8SJL Professional - I've had it 6 or 7 years now and I love it. The only thing I would point out is that it's only a single bevel. It's never been a problem for me, but it is something you might want to consider. It would fit somewhere in the middle of...
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    How do these cuts not cause kick back?

    Two months after I left a student took the tips of his fingers off on the overhand planer - the classic fingers over the end mistake. I guess we make our own luck.