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    Replacing laminated flooring after cut

    I had a carpenter install a winder staircase that came in 3 pieces. The room at the top of the stairs had already laminated flooring down. The carpenter couldn't get the last piece of staircase in until he cut away some of the flooring and now there's a 900x 350mm square cut out of the laminated...
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    Cutting kitchen worktop advice!

    I need to cut 2 kitchen worktops at it's long length and join together however I don't have a track saw or track. Only routers and circular saws. Is it worth buying a cheap track saw from screwfix or can I cut these worktops with the tools I already have. I was thinking of screwing a timber...
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    Is it possible that join worktop

    Hello, I'm wanting to know is it possible to join 2 square edged worktops together side by side by it's longer length instead of it's shorter sides. The reason I ask, I have kitchen base units left over and wanting to make an island in the centre of the kitchen. I have 4 of them, two doubles...
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    Doorframes on top of laminated flooring

    Is this ok to install the doorframes on top of laminate flooring. I had a slight issue with lintel height in my opes for my doors (see previous thread) and need to build it up some. I also have 2100mm high pre cut frames and if I install the frames on the screed, then flooring I can lose 18mm...
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    MDF or timber skirting

    Was looking at MDF skirting compared to real wood and it does look very flimsy when lifting it. The MDF is primed which will save painting time but apsrt from this, what other pros are for MDF skirting. In 2 minds what to buy
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    What could I do

    There's been a slight issue after floors been screeded and now I'm only finding out the door height is 2120mm high and width is 890mm Can anyone recommend on what to do. If it put an 18mm thick flooring, 3mm underlay and a 2032mm(80inch) high door with a 5mm gap under the door and a 30 frame...
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    Kitchen doors and breakfast bar

    I have extended my kitchen and will be needing some new kitchen doors however ive been finding it extremely difficult to locate anywhere that sells or makes them. The kitchen is an oak shaker style and originally was bought in 2005. Seeing as i cant seem to find anywhere thatll make them for me...