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    CNC helpful guide and advice

    So I have decided to make A series of videos aimed at hobbyists and beginners, weather you are new to the CNC scene or looking to buy a machine for yourself hopefully my videos will provide so helpful info. In this first video I go over the software I use,Fusion 360. But i also so you how to...
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    How to create a beech look Whitewash on wooden furniture.

    So I thought I would share my way of creating a whitewash on furniture as it is different to others! This look is not for everyone and its also not easy to undo should you decide at a later date that you dont like it, so keep that in mind. However it is a good way to give a whole new look to...
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    3 Wheeled bandsaws???

    Hey folks I was just wondering whats your take on three wheeled band saws, I recently restored one and gave it a couple of upgrades which has made it quite a good saw. But its still a 3 wheeler! I have heard that they are quite dificult to get running properly due to wheel alignment of the...
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    What Glues am I missing?

    Its only when you lay out all the glue you have that you realize how much you have! I made a video going over all the glues I have in my shop and when I use each one. Sometimes I will mix the glues too, PU and woodglue is a great combination as well as CA and woodglue. I store my glues in 6...
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    Keepsake box I made for my Nephews Christening

    Hey Folks, So recently I made a keepsake box for my Nephews Christening. The box itself is made from Teak and white Oak and the CNC details are made from Wenge. I really like the contrast and how it turned out overall. It also Contain something quite nice too! Here is the link to my video...
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    Hello From The Wood basher

    Hello fellow woodworkers! So im new here to the forum but looking forward to becoming an active memeber! My name is Luke im just under 30 (only just) and I have decided this year to start my own woodworking youtube channel. I have been doing woodwork for over 10 years and have gained a whole...