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    Panel saw choice

    Hi all, Can’t make my mind up on panel saw and appreciate your input wise people. SCM minimax or Nova or Genesis P32? many thanks for your replays
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    Dulux ecosure water based gloss for spraying

    Hi all, Just wondering has anyone here used Dulux ecosure water based gloss for spray application? If yes, how good are results and how much maximum thinning to achieve nice not excessive orange peal film. My spray set up is turbine hvlp Fuji Q3. All comments most appreciated. Peter
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    Morrells water or solvent based

    Hi all, I'm sick of smell 2 pak morrells in my workshop im thinking of moving to water based morrells, but before I make this move I'd like to hear some pros and cons of water based morrells cos I've never used them before, i mean what is difference in applying, is it more difficult to achieve...
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    hvpl gun and fuji q3

    hello, I'm an owner of Fuji Q3 set up. My question is : does any hvlp spray gun will fit my Fuji turbine or it must be special guns for Fuji? Thank you for all answers.
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    High gloss panels

    Hello all, I need a bit of advice on high gloss panels. First question what shine level should I chose I'm buying Morrells 2pak paints. Also correct me if I'm wrong about whole polishing process. I will spray few coats of primer denibing between each coat. Few good coats I would say 5...
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    what finish for walnut veneer mdf

    Hi all, Im building a Tv unit and side board in walnut veneer mdf. What kind of finish can anyone recommend for walnut. Im thinking of spraying shellac but dont know where to get shellac for sprayer is there a such a thing.....any help much appreciated. Thanks Peter
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    veneering bare MDF cabinet...possible?

    Hi all, Im wondering is it possible to glue veneer on ready made mdf cabinet? I'd like to make Tv cabinet in mdf screw and glue, fill the countersink screw heads and glue walnut veneer on. How easy or difficult that will be. Did any one attempt to do such a thing? What's yours thoughts...
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    thinning morells AC paints

    Hi all, I've been reading forum for a quite a while, didn't want to start new topic for no reason, but can't find an answer to my question. I'm starting spraying my mdf projects, got myself Earlex 5000 after reading lots of good recommendations , got AC morells paints too. My question is ...