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    DIY fitted bedroom furniture?

    Thanks for the input chaps. Have found Schreiber in Homebase, now trying to wrangle a design and price via that route. With regard the IKEA option and making scribe and infill panels, that approach would be is okay if you want a painted finish, but I am concerned that trying to match the...
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    Sliding wardrobe doors

    I will be building some wardrobes for a loft room soon, and looking at putting sliding door tracks on there to optimise usable floor space in the bedroom. The sliding rail kits show they are built for 18mm panels, but my question is what material is standard? I am think 18mm edge banded MFC...
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    DIY fitted bedroom furniture?

    I am looking for some 'fitted' furniture for a bedroom at home. I want to buy this in and fit it myself, but don't know where to shop now that MFI have gone (had previously done the same with Schreiber branded units) . The reason for buying in rather than building from scratch is purely about...
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    What tool did you buy today?

    Trend tongue and groove 1/2" router set. Some simple panel doors coming up soon.
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    Where to buy poplar locally?

    Matt, have PM'd you
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    Where to buy poplar locally?

    Custard, you were quite right. Called and spoke to them, and they have it in stock and happy to machine it to my sizes. Just goes to show that a phone call is always better than relying on the website I guess.
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    Where to buy poplar locally?

    Can anyone recommend a timber yard that could supply PAR poplar somewhere around the East Grinstead area. Looking to make some bifold doors for a walk in larder, in a style to match the shaker style panelled kitchen cabinet doors. From internet reading it seems poplar is a popular choice for...
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    Oak flooring and bleach - not a happy mix

    We have managed to stand a bleach bottle which had bleach on the outside on the new oiled oak flooring. As you might expect the bleach has bleached the oak where it was in contact, thankfully not in a perfect bottle shaped ring, but in a pattern that looks like it should be possible to re-touch...
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    I have seen a couple of posts referring to Avonply as a source for cut and edge banded MFC. I am in East Sussex and wondering if anyone knows any local suppliers for me, just have a thought that delivery costs from Avonply might be prohibitive? Quite like the idea of sending a cut list and...
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    Some wardrobes.

    Any chance of a link to those runners? I have to build some wardrobes myself and having Blum runners on all the new (wickes) kitchen cabinets I like their quality and would like to use them on the bedroom furniture.
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    Metalwork dust/air extraction

    I would have thought a centrifugal fan in a box, perhaps with an inlet filter to catch the worst of any debris. Not knowing the airflow you anticipate I would be surprised if you are actually dragging debris through the extraction on your metalwork areas, just smoke and fumes. In most...
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    Hi there - Been away a long while

    love that reply lurker, 'some folks left in a huff' tis the same on many forums :)
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    Hi there - Been away a long while

    As the subject says, just a hello note really. I joined this board back in 2003, lurked for an awfully long while and then dropped of visiting probably 3 or 4 years back through lack of time. Have not had a chance to trawl through many posts, but though I'd say hello and try and be more...
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    Pressure treated timber

    Are there any no-no's in regard to finishing pressure treated timber used outdoors. I have a timber framed above ground pool that I picked up second hand. The timber is pressure treated but variously discoloured and stained so was looking to clean it up and then re-coat it to smarten it up...
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    Router table insert

    Hi Dibs-h I am hoping it is not too late to add my name to the list of interested parties, I am currently looking around for one of these, and if I can slip on the end of a group buy, then happy days. Regards Andy
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    OSB and paint

    masonry paint, in my own experience works perfectly. I painted the boards that line my utility room, and shed come to think of it, with masonry paint. I was recomended by a neighbour at the time (7 years ago) to use masonry paint. It coated perfectly, has not showed any sign of...
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    What material for workshop shelving

    Hi Neil The middle shelf will probably be fixed in that method to add rigidity, but I really wanted the ability to adjust the shelf spacing so I think a compromise of the two methods will be the end result. All I need to do now is find a suitable priced supplier of timber. My local timber yard...
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    What material for workshop shelving

    Just after some advise. I am planning on building a shelving unit in my workshop. This will be along the lines of a 'shelved wardrobe' for want of a better description. The planned dimensions are 2'(d) x 3'(w) x 6'(h) I would normally build this kind of thing (cupboards) out of 18mm MDF but...
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    Some very, very basic questions

    Having read MikeW's post above, I have a new plane, only a cheap one, I think its a Stanley, but the lateral adjusting lever has to be fully in one direction to even get the blade looking anything like straight. Is this plane a lost cause, or is there some other adjustment that the plane...
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    3 phase and single phase...

    Thomas, Single Phase (1 ph) is the normal domestic supply in the UK, where you have one Live wire, one Neutral wire and an Earth. Three Phase (3 ph) is a commercial electricity supply where there are three live wires (Red, Yellow, Blue), one neutral and an Earth. The phases refer to the...