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  1. NickVanBeest

    Planing services in London

    Hi all I am looking for a company/workshop that could help me plane down some beech planks from 35 to 30mm. I have a thickness planer, but neighbours are complaining, so thought it might be easier to just get these 15 planks prepared somewhere else, and just do the sawing and jointing at...
  2. NickVanBeest

    MFT top/frame advice please?

    Am building a frame for my new MFT top, and am wondering whether the top needs more support (lateral struts?), or whether it will be enough to prevent sagging? (Obviously the frame will sit under the top ;))
  3. NickVanBeest

    Router bench

    So I had this (incomplete) router table for a while ...but as it is quite bulky, and my new workshop/shed is tiny, I needed a new plan that takes up less footprint, so came up with this design: New footprint 600 x 350, and a bit storage compartment as well as other storage spaces. So, as I...