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    Router Bits

    Can anyone help me out with some router bit advice? I'm looking for a 1/2" radius roundover over bit for a MDF project and I don't have anything planned for further use yet. I have a small 1/4" router and a larger more powerful router Triton MOF001 that will accommodate 1/4" and 1/2" bits. Is...
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    Joining bay window boards

    Hello. I have an L-shaped bay (2.5x0.8m with a single 90 deg internal corner) and am using 200mm wide by 25mm bull-nosed MRMDF window board. I know the standard practice is to mitre joins for window boards in a bay. Is there any merit in joining the 2 boards using a butt join that's usually...
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    MRMDF kitchen plinths/kickboards

    Has anyone used MRMDF for kitchen plinths/kickboards? If so, what thickness did you use and was it a good alternative to a premade MFC?
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    Recommended material for window board

    Hello all, I have to install new window boards and am wondering what type of wood I should use. Is moisture resistant HDF ok? Or should I use real wood? Thanks!
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    Preparing fence panels

    I'm putting up a fence and the panels are pressure treated. They're still pretty wet (about 20-25%) and I'm wondering what I can apply to them once dry enough to ensure they last as long as possible with the least amount of maintenance. I was going to paint/spray them with Cuprinol Ducksback...
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    Improving a frame and panel dining table

    I bought a dining table a long time ago (prior to my interest in wood working) which I realised has table top which is of frame and panel construction (2 panels). It was bought from a oak furniture store and it's served us very well with one exception; The junction between the panels (about a...
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    Joinery with thin OSB

    I have quite a bit of 9(9.5?)mm OSB scrap that's in good condition. Does anyone have any recommendations on joinery options? Would box joints work? How strong would a butt joint with glue be and how long is a piece of string? I was initially thinking about making simple small boxes, but I'm...
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    Brass/Aluminium Handled Mitre Gauge Fence

    Sorry, I looked for the most appropriate forum and I'm either blind or ignorant, but this was the only place I thought this would fit. I had delivery of a Drillpro/New mitre gauge and was wondering if anyone has used slotted profile aluminium for the fence and what type you used. I know you...
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    Sheet material recommendation

    I need to build a few cabinets and drawers for the workshop. Does anyone have any recommendations on which sheet materials to use in order to keep costs as low as possible? Thanks!
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    I'm rendering the front of the workshop. The door and frame are outward opening and flush with the exterior. Could I put a stop bead around the opening up to the edge of the where the frame and wall meet. Then, after rendering, pack out the frame to the thickness of the render and then fix a...
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    Bushing guides - metric or imperial?

    Hello, It's possibly a more wider ranging question, but I have a Katsu trim router and was wondering which bushing set to get; Imperial or metric? Logic is suggesting imperial as my bits are all imperial. Am I wrong?
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    Door frame and door

    I’m about to replace the exterior “temporary” plywood doors I made when I built the workshop, with some nice half glazed cottage style ones. Is it best to install the frame into the opening (with the cill) and then hang the door (as I would have normally done). Or is there benefit to be had...
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    Ceiling for workshop

    I wanted to cover the exposed joists in my workshop by insulating with 10mm of Polystyrene and the covering it with 3.2mm of plywood. Anything wrong with my thinking? The joists are on 16” centres, will the proposed ceiling sag? Thanks
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    Changing sprockets on SIP P/T and tuning

    Hi all, I bought replacement sprockets for the mechanism that adjusts the height on the thicknesser bed. The bed is out of alignment so, how do I make sure that the thicknesser bed is flat when I’m reassembling, how tight should the chain be, etc? Thanks in advance!
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    SIP 01344 P/T (or clone) spares and moving around

    Hello. I just bought a SIP 01344 and wondered if anyone had recommendations on where to get spares from(consumables or otherwise)? And has anyone got a pic of their solution for moving one of these types of machines around? I wasn’t expecting it to be as heavy as it was (I had a cheap Screwfix...
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    Dust Cyclone - Buy or Build?

    I received a marketing email from a retailer today who have a cyclone kit on offer - you probably know who, but I don't want to push them. Anyway it got me thinking, should I buy a kit like that or make one? I've got all the bits and pieces except a cyclone and extra hoses (I think). Anyone...
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    Processing old roof joists

    Any tips on processing old joists (untreated) for reuse in projects? Primarily, any suggestions on finding nails and staples (broken or otherwise)? I’ve been sighting and using a detector (multi detector), but I know that there’s still a risk and it’s preventing me from using a planer and...
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    Rutlands Thicknesser XT3520

    Hello. I had a look on here for any posts on the XT3520 from Rutlands. Aside from posts on customer experiences (can open, worms everywhere), I couldn't find anything. It's on offer at the moment for £150 plus P&P. I'm only hobbying and wondering if anyone has experience with a similar...
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    Huge solid softwood desk top - workbench suggestions.

    Hi. I was able to reclaim a huge(trued up it’ll be around 550x2000x100) edge laminated slab previously being used as a desk. It appears to be softwood (sorry no idea what kind). So the first thing that I thought when I saw it was “workbench” - in fact it’ll be my first project and first...