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    Close call and a lucky escape....

    I was in my workshop yesterday processing my 2nd pallet load of Baltic pine woodblock flooring described here and found that with this batch I was getting ~25% wastage since these blocks had shrunk such that when viewed on end the block sides were almost v shaped top to bottom and by the time I...
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    Sold Selection of wooden planes. Pending payment/packing materials

    I have a collection of old wooden planes all in need of some attention to go to a good home. Some well known makes Tyzack, Atkin, C. Nurse, Greenslade, Varvill, Popple, some without blades and one with a rather unsympathetic attempt at restoration! To go as a job lot if possible, collection near...
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    Sold Now sold subject to payment/shipping: Unused from new Zyliss 4-in-1 vice

    I have a 2nd hand but boxed and unused Zyliss vice for sale - I obtained it as part of a job lot clear out of a garage and as I have a purpose built bench and don't do any site work I have no use for it. The box is a little grimy and faded but the contents are all pretty much pristine aside from...
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    Wood Identification

    I have a quantity of solid hardwood engineered blocks that I lifted from underneath a carpet during some renovations and wonder if anyone can recognise the wood type? This is a block as lifted - they have an extremely thin layer of what I assume is varnish and is laid on top of some recently...
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    Cutting accurately with a chop-saw

    I developed this technique whilst laying parquet flooring described in this thread -Laying reclaimed parquet and am posting this here since the method is applicable to any woodworking where you want a fine fit and can perform incremental cuts to achieve the required size - In the process of...
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    Replacement handle for old chisel

    Hi, I was recently abusing a much loved Ward & Payne 1/2 inch mortise chisel and the handle started to split. I say abusing, I was chopping some thick branches of a conifer and since the sap is rising in the fine weather the blade kept binding so I used the chisel to releive the blade by...
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    A labour of love - restoring old woodblock parquet

    I've not posted for a while and this is going to be a long one but I hope of interest to folks - Preamble - a while back I bought an old property circa 1920's which had part woodblock and part quarry tile flooring and as part of a new extension wanted to lay the entire ground floor with similar...
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    Car Booty

    Found this gem yesterday - Wooden box too - I've only seen cardboard ones before. ..and inside looks all complete :) It looks almost brand new too Blades show little wear and all are quite sharp :) It's pristine! Given that I don't own a plough plane and will make good use of it I...
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    fabricating a moveable base - need help!

    I have a heavy cast iron spindle moulder which I need to make a moveable base for since it's too heavy to lift/push around (am guessing +300Kg) and which needs to have retractable wheels so that when stationary can spread the load over my suspended workshop floor. For the design I am planning to...
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    Flattening planer tables

    I recently bought a Startrite PT260 off of ebay which needed some attention - motor start start capacitor and a few stripped threads now fixed but have discovered that the tables are not flat :( The outfeed table rises by ~.18mm toward the end (well actually over 12 inches - the longest...
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    New Front Door

    I am looking for advice as I need to replace my current front door, here are my thoughts - Material - Oak or Sapele - issue is the bottom 3rd will get exposed to the elements as we get strong winds that carries the rain under the porch, so was thinking maybe Sapele over oak and using Osmo UV...
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    Workshop and Bench build pictures and some advice required!

    Hi everyone -I've been lurking these forums awhile and really appreciate how informative and friendly you all are :) I've been building a workshop cum home office for a bit - well actually over a year and have captured most of it here - http://www.image-electric.com/home/albums-9 It's not...
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    3 phase to single?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to purchase a 2nd hand planer thickneser and have found one I like, however it is 3 phase (Wadkin BAOS) Can anyone advise whether it is viable to convert this to single phase i.e motor & switch change? Cheers