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    Changing shower pull switch

    …..and there was me thinking this was about changing a shower pull switch…. …..just change it!
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    Record Power TSPP250

    Another thing…..I never did find out what that button did!
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    Record Power TSPP250

    That ref link was from me. I’ve had my tspp250 in complete bits because of several common issues with this machine and, apart from the bl**dy fence, I now have it running properly including the pull blade function. I‘ve definitely written on this forum about how I solved my own 45 issue (the...
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    Joke Thread II

    Now, that IS funny 😆
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    Electric house heating - any new tech savvy members?

    We bought a bungalow with an oil boiler, fitted a wood burning stove and then a heat recovery system that heats a 200ltr cylinder for ‘nothing’ (if you know what I mean). My plumber converted the ‘old’ oil boiler/cylinder/tank system into a pressurised stand-alone unit to enable me to get rid of...
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    Electric house heating - any new tech savvy members?

    i like that idea and have thought about doing it myself for years. Do you ever get the smell from the wood burner in the bathroom or the bedroom?….. in other words is there a risk of dragging in any fumes?
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    8.A New toy

    Thats my exact thoughts too! I’d love to get one. I would also like to ask a question in regard to that feather board…..for an application like that, do all filaments possess enough ‘tension’ or ‘spring’ or did you have to chose a specific one for that purpose? I’m just thinking that in that...
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    Plastic Shed !!!!

    Ply sheets to the walls for added protection and tool hanging….That’s what I’ve done with the two I’ve put up. 👍 They were already sturdy but this improves the functionality. I don’t understand those that buy such ‘alternatives’ then complain that they‘re flimsy and ‘not wood’.
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    Replacement fence for record power TSPP250

    Any takers please? I posted this on the ‘tools’ forum but had no responses…… Hi all, I‘ve posted a few things about my machine previously. I’m generally happy with it (suits my needs anyway) and have put up with the initially broken/repaired fence for a few years now but it’s only now that...
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    Replacement fence for record power TSPP250

    Hi all, I‘ve posted a few things about my machine previously. I’m generally happy with it (suits my needs anyway) and have put up with the initially broken/repaired fence for a few years now but it’s only now that I’ve thought about doing something about it for good. Has anyone changed theres...
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    Plastic Shed !!!!

    I’ve just finished erecting a second 10.5 x 8 ‘plastic’ shed (actually it’s labelled as vinyl). They both have a thin profiled metal skeleton that is then clad with the vinyl panels (3 with windows). Felt very flimsy when putting together but actually quite sturdy now they’re up. American...
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    cheap PVC flexible ducting for extraction?

    I tried that exact same screwfix hose years back when I got my first ‘proper’ extractor. All was well for a few weeks until I had just a small inkling that the suction didn’t seem quite as good as it used to be……it still looked ok and it wasn’t until I had a really good, up-close look at it that...
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    Advice regarding an eBay purchase (this is a current problem, so advice today is required- if possible)

    That‘s exactly what I was thinking. When he resists it, log in as someone else and send him/ask a clear question as to what‘s included/what’s missing….even include some estimate of costs for replacing missing parts. His answer will then be able, I believe, to be read by everyone - hopefully...
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    Joke Thread II

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    Do NOT buy this model

    I’ve used the sonoff’s and remote controls with my extractor for years with no issues…..it, however, controlled by a contactor. I’ve also got my consumer unit positioned by the door to the workshop so I’ve always had a habit of shutting off the whole unit as I leave. Don’t go throwing out the...
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    Table Saw Blade Alignment

    Your post reminded me of the issue I had with my bought-in-bits 2nd hand (and pre-abused) cast record power and I wondered if yours is the same. My base seemed squar-ish enough so when I refitted the cast iron top I adjusted it to suit the blade etc. All appeared well until I tried a 45 cut and...
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    What’s with this Scam?

    I did manage to avoid FB for years and years until about 6months ago when I discovered marketplace through a mate. Amongst other searches I’ve made we’re some for large sheds and, due to the crazy increase in timber prices, moreso plastic sheds (I already have another small one and it’s great!)...
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    Joke thread

    AWKWARD BRITISH PROBLEMS: 🇬🇧Staring at your phone in silent horror until the unknown number stops ringing 🇬🇧Hearing a recording of your own voice and deciding it’s perhaps best never to speak again 🇬🇧The relief when someone doesn’t answer their phone within three rings and you can hang up...
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    Amazon Alexa and smart plugs in workshop

    Hi, Can’t provide you with the exact seller I bought mine from but I‘ve just done a quick search and here’s a link to one (of dozens) although the delivery time does look rather long 🤔. From memory the ones I bought took a few weeks but, to me, was worth the wait simply because I didnt have the...
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    Amazon Alexa and smart plugs in workshop

    Yes, I have a sonoff 4 channel relay (rev 3) that allows up to 4 remotes to be connected. It controls my dust extraction. You can, of course, use the 4 relay buttons as well if you want. The remotes only cost about £3 each (yes £3) so don’t get sucked (pun unintended) into paying any more. I...