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    New Woodworking tv program

    Just a heads up that there's a new woodworking program on Quest. It's called "Kings of the wood". Don't know if it's any good as I've just spotted it.
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    Outdoor bench slats recommendation

    I have a pair of cast iron bench ends and was wondering what timber you would recommend for the slats. I'm not bothered about the colour, I just want the best suitable timber
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    Alternative Saw Blade for Festool TS55

    I've been into my local shop for a new blade but they don't have any in stock and won't be getting any till the new year because of supply problems. Is there another make of blade anyone would recommend for the saw in question. I've seen some saxton blades cheap but no idea how good they are
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    Is this the best bargain of the week?

    I popped into one of those old style ironmongery type shops this morning (you know the sort, the ones that sell everything and has that smell of paraffin) and on a bottom shelf covered in dust and oddments of boxes was this beast. The young lad asked if he could help and we had a chat about how...
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    Advice about Kitchen worktop joint

    How would you join a laminated worktop in a kitchen where the induction hob has been designed to fit approx 25 mm from the joint/corner. I've thought about doing a normal worktop jig cut with the worktop bolts, glue and fit the worktop then remove the bolts after it has dried. Then cut the hob...
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    New woodworking TV show on BBC2

    Surprised that there's not been any mention of this on the forum. Did anyone see it and was it any good. " Jay's Yorkshire Workshop" Wednesday's at 9pm
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    Help with dimensions of lawnmower key

    I've lost the key to a ride on lawnmower and was wondering if anyone who has one could measure a couple of dimensions, as in the picture added, so I could have a go at making one. I'll order another one today, but that won't arrive for some time.
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    Felder rebating cutter heads - 04.0.182

    A brand new pair of Felder High Performance Rebating Cutter Heads. Felder item number 04.0.182 for all the information and spec. Have been fitted to machine once and tried but never used on a job. The protective grease is still on them. £395 for the pair. Would prefer collection in BB7 area...
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    Air brush compressor

    Clearing out my father-in-law's garage and came across this mini compressor. I'm afraid I don't know anything about it, but I've plugged it in and it works. Collection from BB12 area but happy to post at cost (will have to get a price, but it is quite heavy). I'm also going to the Harrogate show...
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    Sketchup and cnc

    Does anyone know how to save a file, in the free version of sketchup, into a "svg" format. I'm very very new to sketchup and I've found out the pro version saves to this format and there are extensions available for the free version, that say they will save the file as a svg, but I can't get...
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    Advice on external arched doors

    I've offered to have a go at making a new pair of entrance doors and frame for my church. I've never really made any external joinery before but would love to have a go. First question-- Which timber would be best to use for such a job. I'm thinking either oak, pitch pine or douglas fir.The...
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    fence timber paint

    I'm wanting to build a side gate in Redwood next week and was hoping to paint it in the same paint that I've painted the fence panels in,but it says on the can, only suitable for rough sawn timber. Can anyone explain why it wouldn't be suitable for smooth planed timber?
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    Black butt hinges

    Does anyone know a supplier of black butt hinges suitable for kitchen doors?
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    Come on own up, who got some free advertising this morning

    While watching the BBC morning news today, there was a piece on the increase in postage costs of parcels. As in most news articles they spoke to someone who happen to be in the post office, posting parcels. Luckily he happen to have his company's web site printed on the back of his jacket and...
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    List of mens rules

    SWMBO has shown me this list. I can't disagree with it and could add a few more but I'm scared to.... MEN'S RULES At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story ( I must admit, it's pretty good) We always hear 'the rules' From the female...
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    Will PVA stick to a painted surface

    I want to clad my painted newel posts in oak, as I'm putting on a new hand rail and spindles and was wondering if PVA would stick the oak to the painted surface or should I use a "pink grip/gripfill type adhesive. I know it wouldn't be a problem if it was bare wood to bare wood but not sure on a...
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    maintaining a lacquered finish

    While making my kitchen I had a go at spraying a lacquered finish on the oak frames. Now I wish I had just oiled the oak as its so easy to top the finish up once a year or whenever needed. In the areas of high usage ,such as around the sink, the lacquer is looking a little worn so is it ok to...
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    I need a new combi drill

    The motor on my Makita cordless drill has just seized up, so have decided on getting a new drill instead of getting it fixed. The batteries are Ni-MH ones and they aren't holding their charge as they use to so have decided to go for Li-ion batteries. I have a choice of 3 which I'm considering...
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    wash basin stand

    I've made a wash basin stand, out of a mixture of solid walnut, oak and oak faced mdf and was wondering what is best product to use to finish it. The basin sits on top of a solid block of walnut and oak, with a tall tap at the side of the basin. This top will inevitably get splashed and wet. So...
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    B&Q trade point counter rant

    This is what happened to me, at my local B&Q today. I needed a toilet siphon and found one in the trade point catalogue for £4.25 +vat. I went into the store, picked one up off the shelf (there was approx. 2 dozen in stock) but they were priced at £14.95. I went to the trade counter with my...