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  1. Essex Barn Workshop

    What’s this tool?

    Found in my mum’s untidy drawer!
  2. Essex Barn Workshop

    Looks interesting

    Saw this on FB. The claims are stunning and it certainly looks interesting to me! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/metmo/metmo-driver-prepare-for-the-drive-of-your-life?
  3. Essex Barn Workshop

    Why would I have a business CARD?

    ... when I work in wood. so here is my new business WOOD! Made from 3mm ply, on my recently acquired K40 laser engraver/cutter. The windows in the barn are all cut out. Far too time consuming to replace every card, but for trade shows etc I'll make a few to have on hand.
  4. Essex Barn Workshop

    8 or 9mm bamboo boards

    Hi all. I might very soon need some 8 or 9mm thick bamboo boards, 8' x 4' would be fine but any reasonably large size will do. I can't find much online, does anyone happen to know of a reasonably priced stockist, and even better if they are in Essex or North East London. Thanks
  5. Essex Barn Workshop

    Brand new wood lathe shaped thing for under £60!

    You know where this is heading already, don't you? https://www.lidl.co.uk/c/diy-projects/c2221 Looks good enough for pen turning, not sure I'd want to make a bowl from oak on it.
  6. Essex Barn Workshop

    Plasma cutter back in Lidl 17 Feb £149

    I know many people have expressed an interest in these, so when I saw it was coming back thought I'd post it. Other tools also coming in that day including a belt sander. https://www.lidl.co.uk/p/diy-tools/parkside-plasma-cutter-with-compressor/p49910
  7. Essex Barn Workshop

    How would you?

    Hi. iI've been asked to transform a large but low eucalyptus coffee table into a dining table, so far so good. Had a look this morning, and the ornate legs are solidly attached, I assume there will be a central threaded rod into an inset nut or similar, and then glued: Even with as much...
  8. Essex Barn Workshop

    Quick "How to" please

    Haven't given it much thought, but I just dropped off a tortoise bed (surprisingly my first!) at a customer's home and she asked me if I could remove the CD trays from either side of this unit and replace with shelves. I took a quick picture with my camera. A look tells me that taking the...
  9. Essex Barn Workshop

    Lidl Parkside airless paint sprayer - anyone used it?

    Saw it on sale at £129 which seems very cheap for an airless sprayer. Has anyone got one or used one? TBH I probably can't justify one for the amount of spraying I do, but am always interested in the viability and usefulness of these cheaper makes.
  10. Essex Barn Workshop

    Compressors - will this one do?

    Having missed out on an ebay bargain on a 24L unit, this one from SGS came up: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/16076077216187733563?client=firefox-b-d&q=SGS+SC50T&prds=eto:12423310237889131022_0;15559733472142310736_0&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwinpt--_Iv0AhWSSsAKHZt3DKkQ9pwGCAU#reviews The tech...
  11. Essex Barn Workshop

    Do biscuits add strength? Solved!

    Third in a great You Tube glue myths series has just landed. Worth a look if, like me, you have a biscuit cutter.
  12. Essex Barn Workshop

    Not what you want to see!

    There was a recent barn find sell off close to me, a furniture maker died 40+ years ago and his huge stock of wood were put into a barn, which now needs demolishing. I got some great pieces, including a 3M long, 1 1/2" thick and 45cm wide double-live edged slab of oak. I could see worm holes...
  13. Essex Barn Workshop

    Wera tools advent calendar £42.80

    at Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08Q22CMG8?smid=A30DC7701CXIBH Quite impressive contents, which apparently would cost £77.99 if bought separately 1x 6002 Joker, 8/10x141mm; 1x 350S PH1x80mm; 1x 355S PZ1x80mm; 1x 355 SL 0.6x3.5x100mm 1x 160i VDE SL 0.4x2.5x80mm; 2x 2050 PH00x40mm...
  14. Essex Barn Workshop

    Festool road show 2021

    Lots of dates and seems to cover a good part of the country. I'm going to the Harlow one at 11am if anyone is there, say hello! https://allevents.in/org/festool/18701097?ref=similar-events-org#
  15. Essex Barn Workshop

    Sorry, another wood ID thread!

    I bought some lovely oak from a barn-find, including 120 beautiful batons and some lovely thick oak slabs. The barn belonged to a furniture maker who died 40 years ago, his widow now has planning permission so the barns have to go, as do their contents. He asked me back when more was...
  16. Essex Barn Workshop

    Cheapest material for semi-disposable cutting boards?

    Hi, I did two craft fairs over the weekend, and at one was asked if I could make and deliver a minimum of 60 lightweight cutting/charcuterie boards for Christmas cheese gift packs! They would be sold with a variety of cheeses on them, may well be refrigerated at some point, need to be...
  17. Essex Barn Workshop

    Excellent Customer service

    Ordered from ironmongery direct yesterday afternoon, delivered before 9am and don't you just love it when the packer puts in a little extra for you ?
  18. Essex Barn Workshop

    Finally joined the Festool club!

    Made my first Festool purchase, can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Festool-Folding-Rule/dp/B0058HUKXM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=festool+folding+rule&qid=1629394296&sr=8-1
  19. Essex Barn Workshop

    Screwfix customer service

    371 days ago, I bought an ebauer track saw from screwfix. Today, after about the 12th cut through 1.5" solid oak, it gave up on me. All sorts of sparks and burning smells. I had my receipt lovingly filed away in my filing system (or bunged in a top drawer with dozens of others!) so took it back...
  20. Essex Barn Workshop

    Bosch Professional 06019G0309 18V System cordless hammer drill £91.95

    I make no excises for linking to a deal site rather than straight to Amazon, as if you are not aware of it, it is a great place to find special offers etc. I'm sorely tempted myself, but don't really need another Bosch drill or driver (I have three). I'd be interested in other's views on this...