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  1. Smike

    Bandsaw Stabiliser Guide. Scheppach 3

    Hi, I watched the YouTube video on changing your bandsaw guides to a Stabilizer. Only for thin blades of 1/4” and less. The bottom guides are not used at all, just moved out of the way ! The blade is pre-tensioned by moving the guide about 1/8” or so forward then re adjusting the top wheel so...
  2. Smike

    Wood Gear Cutting

    I’ve just converted my rotary table to stepper motor drive and purchased a controller from World of Ward. Tried it out today on some scrap gears. Absolutely brilliant ! I’m making another wood clock so I thought I’d treat myself. Just input divisions (number of teeth) and the table rotates the...
  3. Smike

    Hegner Quick Release Clamp

    I made this a few months ago. Makes life a bit easier. Cheers.