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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    I’ve had this machine for a number of years and it suits my purpose well. However, I now have a problem with adjustment of the Infeed table for depth of cut when planing. It just doesn’t move. I can turn the adjustment knob but perhaps not through it’s full operation extent ( I honestly don’t...
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    A Rake's Progress

    I recently made a comment on a post on here regarding the amount of Kickback I was experiencing with my sliding compound mitre saw. Its an Evolution (I know!!!!)10 inch. Someone suggested I need a negative rake blade. I have looked at the original blade which seems to be zero rake angle but...
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    Just logged on and seeing many of the topics in some of the forum categories in what looks like Chinese????? maybe that will help my woodworking skills!!
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    I recently acquired a sliding compound mitre saw after my previous mitre saw (chop saw not sliding) gave up the ghost. I also recently saw a short video where the operator using the same saw was cutting on the push stroke (i.e. front to back). The spin direction of the blade is such that the...
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    Table Saw Woe

    I have a Scheppach TS2500 table saw but am experiencing great difficulty removing the retaining nut in order to change the blade. The shaft is held by a steel rod in order to loosen or tighten the nut but all I have managed to do is bend the rod and even broken a piece off the end. Does anyone...