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    Treehouse Windows - ideas please

    Hi Peeps A few weeks ago I posted asking about a slide for my kids tree house which I have now finished. I bought a plastic on in the end, it was the most straightforward solution. The tree house has two windows one larger than the other. I was thinking of the following and could do with some...
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    Advice for a wooden outdoor kids slide.

    Hi Peeps I’ve built the monsters a treehouse, or at least a clubhouse on an old tree stump. It’s about 1.5m of the ground at decking level and I’d like to add a slide to the treehouse. Now I’ve checked the price of steel slides and the smallest are expensive enough to air you blanch. My next...
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    3/4" Bench Dogs - clearances for making your own.

    Hi Guys I'm looking for some advice. I've asked a colleague to knock me up some bench dogs/stops for my home made workbench. I have a 19mm auger bit like the ones in the link below. https://www.workshopheaven.com/star-m-j ... ngles.html Not being a machinist and not having done this before...
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    Advice Please- problems with Rust-oleum Chalk Paint

    Hi Guys I’ve been building kitchen cabinets in advance of doing the kitchen and the wife has settled on Rust-oleum Chalk Paint. I’ve built the first 2 painted then then sealed with 3 coats of Polyvine Hard Furniture Varnish (satin). And whilst they are not perfect I was pretty happy with them...
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    Trouble using Record Power WG200 wet grinder

    Hi peeps I have a Record Power WG 200 wet grinder and I’m having trouble getting decent results. I noticed last night when using it for one of the first times. I was grinding a 25 degree primary bevel on a plane and noticed the grind was skew. I put a square across the blade and it was out by...
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    UKJ Mitre Fence Problem

    Hi peeps I took advantage of a recent Axminster offer to buy the UKJ mitre fence for £49 instead of normal £90+. It’s a nice bit of kit short fence with and end stop and the presets on the mitre angles are pretty tight when the mitre is untightened and solid when tightened. I had planned to...
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    Another Kitchen Cabinet Thread

    Hi peeps As you all must have heard dozens of times before I'm planning to build my own kitchen this autumn. My kitchen is an unfortunate size and when we've looked at designs by kitchen companies we generally end up with more dead space than I'm happy with. Thus I have 90% committed to...
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    PlacidCasual's Work Bench Build

    Hi Guys I've been a long time lingerer and now I've finally got an image hosting account I thought I ought to share a bit. This is my first workbench build, it's not really to any specific pattern but it is inspired by the plan Peter Sefton gives away on this Introductory Woodworking Course. I...
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    PlacidCasual's Workshop Build with Photos

    Hi Peeps I've nearly completely finished my workshop after a year of working on it. It was water tight in about 2 weeks but the cladding, painting etc is the bit that dragged on, particularly as I was having to use it for various things the whole time. Just waiting for electrics now and then...
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    Record Power PT260 won't start in planer mode.

    Hi peeps I have recently bought a Record Power PT260 and assembled it this afternoon. I have tried to run it in both planer and thicknesser modes and it doesn't start in planer mode. I intend to register with Record in the morning and ask for support but int he meantime I thought I'd ask the...
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    Workbench Build - a few questions

    Hi Guys I'm building a basic workbench from a 2.4m by 0.7m sheet of 25mm ply. I'm using some 75mm square posts for legs with stretchers and I'll be putting 2" by 4" skirt all the way around. So the edges should be good a rigid the trestles whilst not my ideal should do the job adequately. The...
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    Record Power PT260 Planer Thicknesser

    Hi Peeps I’m thinking of splashing out and buying a planer thicknesses. The minimum cost that to my inexperienced eye seems to provide a reasonable quality is the Record Power PT260. At approx £650+ it’s about as much as I can afford. Do people agree that it’s about the best I’m going to get...
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    Bandsaw advice

    I’m setting up a workshop to do some hobby woodworking. Now the first machine Im planning to buy is a bandsaw but don’t know which to go for. I’ve looked at the Axminster and a Record Power ranges but the engineering solutions don’t look very good until your at the £450+. The Axminster HBS310N...
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    CNC Birch Ply Project - need help with a quote

    Hi I have designed a slot and tab arrangement set of shelves for my study as a practice job for some other future CNC projects I'm considering. I have received a quote of £420 ex VAT. The project consists of 4 uprights, 4 shelves and 1 big shelf and requires 3 off 8' by 4' 24mm thick sheets of...
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    Plywood construction kitchen fittings - finish

    Hi Peeps After much to-ing and fro-ing I'm about to get a test piece made using CNC machining for a future kitchen build. Effectively I'm making plywood open shelves to create a storage wall in the kitchen. I'm testing the design the technique on some shelves for my study but want to finish it...
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    Dabbling with Fusion 360 - having problems with DXF

    Hi Peeps I started 2 simple projects to learn about using CAD for CNC furniture making because in the future I might have a big project where using CNC would be really useful. I've started with 2 projects a tab and slot design hall pew to put school bags on and use as a shoe shelf. I have...
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    Workshop Build -Advice Required

    Hi All Long time lurker, recent member and first time poster. Over the last few years I've done a lot of diy that has involved wood but I wouldn't call it woodworking. I did a woodworking course last year and this year I'm building a workshop and have a few questions. I've got a 4m by 6m...