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  1. Smike

    Bandsaw Stabiliser Guide. Scheppach 3

    Hi, I watched the YouTube video on changing your bandsaw guides to a Stabilizer. Only for thin blades of 1/4” and less. The bottom guides are not used at all, just moved out of the way ! The blade is pre-tensioned by moving the guide about 1/8” or so forward then re adjusting the top wheel so...
  2. Smike

    preserving shine on copper

    Hi I made this Jab Trophy last year after my first jab. Used plumbing copper tube. I used this RS clear lacquer which went on well. Only one fine coat was needed. Cleaned the parts with acetone first. Cheers.
  3. Smike

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Ok. I’ll copy a link.
  4. Smike

    Wood Gear Cutting

    Haha. Just had a look. I don’t think I’d have any social life if I took that on. 😄
  5. Smike

    Wood Gear Cutting

    I’ve just converted my rotary table to stepper motor drive and purchased a controller from World of Ward. Tried it out today on some scrap gears. Absolutely brilliant ! I’m making another wood clock so I thought I’d treat myself. Just input divisions (number of teeth) and the table rotates the...
  6. Smike

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Valentines Day approaching, so made this. Plans on YouTube for free.
  7. Smike

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Lovely 😊
  8. Smike

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Lovely job 👍
  9. Smike

    Hegner Quick Release Clamp

    Thanks for the comment. Yes I may make a few in the next few months and see if there’s any interest. Cheers. 😊
  10. Smike

    Does anyone get this.

    Ah yeah. I reckon so 👍
  11. Smike

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Lovely 😊
  12. Smike

    Hegner Quick Release Clamp

    I made this a few months ago. Makes life a bit easier. Cheers.
  13. Smike

    New Bandsaw

    Cutting a slice of Mahogany :
  14. Smike

    Bandsaw use of guide/guard

    Maybe it was a meat processing plant ? Horrifying …. I know someone locally who cut the top of a finger off. He thought it a good idea to put a circular saw blade in an angle grinder … gawd !!!!
  15. Smike

    Joke thread

    I agree !!! 😂😂
  16. Smike

    New Bandsaw

    Hi. It looks like 0.8kw. See photo. I have very limited room and need to rotate it when doing very long pieces. See photos. Quite easy with the wheels and retractable handle. I’ve set it up using the Snodgrass video on YouTube. Also bought a small collection of blades. But usually use 3/8” 3 TPI.
  17. Smike

    New Bandsaw

    Hi. I have a Scheppach Basa 3.0h vario. I can’t compare with others as it’s the only one I’ve had. But seems to do the job ok. I cut mainly wood but also metal (with the correct blade). The blade guides are a bit odd though. See photo. I’d prefer ball races. May modify it in the future. It also...
  18. Smike

    Kings of the Wood (tv programme)

    Quite agree !!! Terrible but strangely watchable - especially to see if Misty got flowing clothes caught in a machine !!!
  19. Smike

    Electric vehicles - again

    Yes not bad. Decent range and usable top speed, unlike the Twizy or Ami. A very high percentage of cars I see has only one occupant. To help relieve congestion it’s important to size this sort of vehicle so that two can fit comfortably side by side on our roads and parking spaces. Also try to...